lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016


Traslated by Clara Perez @Elisabethotp

Another year while winter is coming Fox lets Bones in silent. Since December 10th our favourite show is immersed in a long, very long, hiatus that does not end until April 14. The downside with the breaks is not just that the new episodes aren't being released, the downside is the silence that falls on Bones as if it has never existed, four, three or two months without news, or interviews, or spoilers there’s no tv show that can resist or fandom that can stand

April still will take a long time to arrive but what the boneheads can’t do is stop of making noise about Bones, we can’t remain silence. We have to ask Fox that renew Bones for a new season but we also have to keep talking on social media about Bones, post videos, photos, articles, use what we call Social TV in our benefit. Remember that according what The New York Times published the other day Nielsen is going to measure Tv Show’s interactions in Facebook and Twitter.

In that sense, in making noise, I’ve decided to do another Bones Quiz, the second one. The first one had a big participation though no one guessed all 50 questions, my fault. This second one is going to be more easy and it also will have 30 questions and as newness and to contribute to the noise for Bones, it will be published in english too so that the participation is open to everyone. 


The participation term opens with the release of the quiz and it closes March 1st at 8pm spanish time zone. These are the hour and limit date. Send your answers via e-mail to the electronic mail  You can send as many emails you want with the 30 answers, just it takes into account the last one received to choose the winner.

Monday 7th of March at 8 pm spanish time zone I will publish the quiz solution and the list of the winners who will enter in the raffle of a Season Ten Bones DVD, adjudging to each one of the winners a number. Tuesday 8th of March at 10 pm spanish time zone the raffle will take place live on Twitter with the election of a random number.

In case no one answer correctly the 30 questions the dvd will go directly to the person that has answered more questions correctly.


1. What is Christine Booth’s second name?

a)  Marianne.
b)  Angela
c)   Josephine


2. How old was Brennan when she saw the Star Wars Galaxy movie for the first time?

a)  7 years old
b)  8 years old
c)   6 years old

3. How many sisters does Dr. Zack Addy has?

a)  4
b)  5
c)   3


4. Booth’s grandparent was a police, what kind of police he was?:

a)  State police
b)  Philadelphia’s local police
c)   Military police

5. Now that they say he could return to the season finale, do you remember which doctorates prepared Brennan’s intern Zack Addy when Bones started?:

a)  Forensic Anthropology and Applied Engineering. 
b)  Aeroespacial Engineering and Cultural Anthropology.
    c)   Forensic Anthropologist and Theoretical Physics.

6. What winning move had Booth in the last game in The Eye in the Sky episode?

a)  Top Set
b)  Straight Flush
c)   Top two

7. Who is Booth’s favourite squint?:
a)  King of the bugs
b)  Jessica Warren
c)   Arastoo Vaziri

8. Special Agent Tim Sullivan, also known as Sully had a kind of “special” nickname, do you remember which one?:

a)  Little almond
b)  Peanut
c)   Pistachio

9. David Duchovny is on top of the wave again with the open of the new season of The X-Files, he participated on Bones one time, do you remember in which episode and what character did he play?

a)  Judas on a Pole and he didn’t participate as an actor he was the director of the episode.
b)  The X in the File and he was the killer.
c)   The X in the File and he was who discover the dead body.

10. In The Killer in the Concrete, Booth had dental issues, do you remember in which tooth?

a)  Left central superior incisor
b)  Right inferior canine tooth
c)   Left prior molar

11. By the way, the counsel lawyer of Max, Brennan’s father, had a certain relationship with Caroline Julian, do you remember what kind of relationship it was?

a)  Old law partners
b)  Siblings
c)   Ex husband

12. Do you remember this picture? Is from The 200th in the 10th episode, which film honors?

a)  To Catch a Thief
b)  Marnie
c)   North by Northwest

13. The actor who plays Dr. Wells has directed and starred at the movie Baby, baby, baby but do you remember what other Bones’s actor/actress has also participated in that movie?

a)  Tamara Taylor
b)  John Boyd
c)   Michaela Conlin

14. Alex Skuby plays Booth’s sponsor in the episodes with the gambling plot, do you remember in what other show he coincided with David Boreanaz?

a)  Buffy
b)  Angel
c)   Both of them

15. A tough one, who was Scott Morrison?

a)  The victim in the Fire in the Ice episode
b)  The boy who Brennan liked when her mother disappeared
c)   The killer in The Man in the Mud episode

16. According to Tamara Taylor, Emily Deschanel is not very impressed with the corpses she works with, except porous bones. Do you remember in which episode she got a bone in her mouth?

a)  The Archaeologist in the Cocoon.
b)  The Conspiracy in the Corpse
c)   The Girl in the Gator.

17. What Booth’s favourite food Brennan refuses to include in her shopping?
a)  Apple pie
b)  Double cheeseburger
c)   Jerky

18. Who gives Dr. Hodgins the idea for the invention of the ultra-rubber covering?

a)  Dr. Saroyan
b)  Angela Montenegro
c)   Jessica Warren

19. We already know Angela’s real name, which I’m not going to repeat, truth be told anyone would change it to her but, what thing made her change it to Angela Montenegro?

a)  She had a dream
b)  It was her first girlfriend’s name
c)   She had a vision of it during a “trip” after taking hallucinogenic mushrooms

20. Who said “Ever has it been that love isn't known its own depth until the pain of separation”?

a)  Dr. Brennan in her second book
b)  Dr. Sweet to Dr. Hodgins after his break up with Angela.
c)   First Angela’s husband, Birimbao

21. Who said to whom “You know what? You’re a horse’s ass”?

a)  Dr. Hodgins to Zack
b)  Christine to her doll
c)   Booth to Zack

22. In what episode Booth told BrennanWait Bones, let's pretend that I am the cop”?

a)  The Woman in the Garden
b)  The Woman in the Sand
c)   The Woman in White

23. In Omaha’s Beach what was Booth’s military rank?

a)  Sergeant major
b)  Sergeant
c)   Cabo

24. Olympian ex boxer, Harvard graduate, speak six languages, who I’m talking about?

a)  Dr. Wells
b)  Dr. Hodgins
c)   Agent Andy

25. Who said to whom “What have you found Watson”?

a)  Booth to Brennan
b)  Jessica Warren to Dr. Hodgins
c)   Dr. Hodgins to Clark

26. Emily Deschanel’s sister, David Boreanaz’s father, Hart Hanson’s father have appeared as guest stars or as extras in Bones’s episodes. Whose father have also appeared in Bones?

a)  Michaela Conlin
b)  TJ Thyne
c)   John Francis Daley

27. Dr. Sweets and Daisy agreed in few things aside from have fun with sex but there was a tv show that they both liked, what tv show was it?

a)  Saved by the Bell
b)  Dawson’s Creek
c)   Freaks and Geeks

28. How many weeks per year spent Angela with her boyfriend Kirk Persinger?

a)  Weeks? They live together all year
b)  Four weeks in Paris
c)   Three weeks

29. What is Special Agent James Aubrey’s favourite whisky?

a)  Whisky Dick
b)  Cardhu
c)   Old Foglesong

30. What character quoted the Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracián and in which episode?

a)  Dr. Goodman in The Woman in the Limbo
b)  Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt in The Girl in the Gator
c)   Dr. Brennan in The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round