viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013


By Anna Rosa and Marien

Stephen Nathan, executive producer of Bones, wondered on twitter before the episode aired The Mystery in the Meat: "Like food You Might be a little pickier after tonight's?" For the first time without a precedent, I'll give you the reason, I 'm sure he finished the episode one has run to the pantry and opened warily cans meatballs or beef stew, sure one has to be like you see among the solidified fat and garish peas, traces of a fingernail, maybe a tooth, were they there? WELL, Let's just suggestion ok?. And that Michael Peterson wrote a script for public, educational, service and fun as good episode of Bones, disgusting. An episode with a lot of "meat" and a very explicit message before getting spoon in mouth looking eyes and teeth as its protagonists say if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, eat organic food (I 'm doing it for many years already).

it begins with a moral, the bad, in this case a boy, a stalker who steals food to a geek in school cafeteria, receives its due. While sipping proud by eating other's food and save money grind something in his mouth, a tooth and is not yours, intrigued stir the stew ... retching, screaming ... ; between an unrecognizable concoction greasy eye OMG "One Person" shouts, "the stew is a person" and build the crowds in the rest of the dishes appear more teeth, ears appears Fade to black.

Close up of a spoon full of a lustrous chili is Booth who is eating the best chili you've eaten, and says to the skepticism of Brennan starts one of those conversations as his, one of those in which he explains the sense of things and it is so crappy with his rationalist logic, "we're married, Bones, sun shining, the air is fresh, the food tastes better than ever " and tells when the rationalist tries to explain his new global warming short and happy husband: "Bones, love changes everything Do not you feel different now that you're married?" Apparently not only feel the weight of the ring, but he is not worried because she love him. (Well is our Brenann). In these phone rings, someone tells Booth where human remains have appeared and suddenly the chili becomes filthy, fortunately the fault is not love (Thanks God) 

And although the federal government does not subsidize cannibalism turns out that the stew students have been gobbled a man in his forties. Brennan determined that he was dead before being processed as beef stew. At the factory they discover that the remains are found only in the batch that was distributed to the school, a secondary market with prisons and nursing homes, because it did not meet quality standards for supermarkets, that's called maximizing corporate profits, according to the director of the factory does not matter, the kids do not have the palate developed, for them the ketchup is vegetables, which, though wrong, is absolutely true, but no less disturbing, people, do we know what we eat? no? as we should, in the food that is not organic unfortunately there are many mixed products very harmful for the human health.

The victim turns out to be Howard Compton, a food scientist, who through research and manipulation transformed the food dollar, million dollars. Food Tryoon had hired to find the formula that got processed meat taste like meat. There are always different as suspects but everything becomes clear when you discover that the victim knowing the damage he was doing the food industry with its handling people, was to denounce them.

The guilty, of course, the capitalist. The cynic who only cared about making money, but made a mistake, canning Compton 's remains, found the cause of death and recreated the scene, the Jeffersonian team determines that the head of the murderer must be covered with blood, much it would be to wash hair traces. Brennan finds. I get it. Case solved.

It was much more complicated story how, but also more fun. In the laboratory first two internal Wells Dr. Oliver and Daisy, rare to get along. One wonders if she had passed the tests of mental illness and what she finds him completely irritating. The good man between both, Dr. Hodgins, Daisy ensures you hate Wells, but he's starting to like hate, and Wells asks you to moderate your behavior with Daisy, after all she is one of us and if you will be have to be nice to her. Oliver Wells who is very clever captures the direct, and so while competing with each other and advancing research seems somewhat different between the two is about to emerge, can you imagine the relationship would be?

As work progresses by Hodgins and Wells, when the girls go to party and are left alone they investigate formulas new foods that the victim was on the computer, all very appealing externally, all objectionable, very unhealthy, some not take even one natural ingredient, until they find the Hot bacon is extremely tasty, taste and savor the samples with delight, until they discover their purpose, it's a sexual lubricant and sex and bacon know each one by hand are delicious together are magic, although they end up being nauseating.

Do you see that sad face is Angela? because that has been the most important episode plot, the jealousy of the artist Wedding Bones, when her because they no longer care, when reconciled with Booth for not having caught before. Wild is the character. It all starts when elicits Brennan about her married life, gossip, and Brenann innocent bewildered her that is because since they got married for all Booth is like a miracle, everything shines but everyone is more beautiful.

Angela doesn't believe that Brennan doesn't feel different and think that is because ( do not miss ) wedding happened too fast for her (nine years!!!!!), which has not been adequately dismissed her bachelorhood. She organized her bachelorette party, there will be alcohol, dancing and flirting. Brennan says no, you have to leave, waiting Booth. He is now the first, absurdly says Angela. No, the first is Christine, after Booth and Angela at the response he gets the face you see in the picture.

Brennan's rejection of the party's solidarity with her??husband, if he is still angry with Angela, she doesn't want to bother you, and then rises again the generous and good man; Booth tells him to hold the bridal shower and allow Angela organize it, she doesn't have to choose between both, the contrary she has both. Brennan agrees and the girls leave the Jeffersonian amid an investigation to party. Incredible group of top party, Brennan, Angela, Cam, and Caroline and Daisy dressed as cowgirls. Destination country music bar just off the city. Dancing , flirting alcohol and objectives OMG!!!!!

As the bus departs, we see leaves us speechless, five girls dres sed in sexy cowgirls ready to raze, hats, ruffled skirts and matching boots. But it all a bit more dangerous, have gotten into the lion's den, country bar is now a biker bar. Caroline believes recognize anyone, certainly put him in jail. But who 's afraid, the first Brennan, after Daisy, ready to take on the biggest biker who may or left to eat it whenever there is a word to stop him when appropriate.

And alcohol starts to run, shots, bourbon, tequila, flaming sambucas. And after the alcohol, disinhibition, Brennan took to the track to dance. Dancing is one of the mating rituals, men respond to pelvic movements and hair sexually suggestive and not idle demonstrated in front of a big ugly guy. Angela tries to stop her, reminding her that she is married, but not true, replied the logic personified, if your hen is because she is still single. Things get complicated when the guy shows hir girlfriend, Brennan recognizes herself exquisite, man is ugly, and the offended girlfriend called harpy and a left hand receives the tomb on the floor. When lifted, the fight becomes general, the most effective Caroline's bag and the English face Brennan, to give you an idea have a look at the funny & hilarious video.

The result? Booth has to ask a lot of favors to avoid arrest. The scene of a Brennan coming home drunk, unable to sustain itself is very funny, especially when it recognizes that you have told Angela Booth is the best person in the world and although I can not prove empirically gives a shit.

In the end, Angela apologizes to Booth for messing and insult to him when he rejected the marriage proposal of Brennan. Booth understands, for Angela, her friend came first and then, Angela, happy hugs, "missed it so much" (Booth hugs?) And confesses that it not be because he was friends with Brennan I had gone to get him. that is clear and no one doubts for us the boneshead, Booth reserves the reply, is a gentleman and a good mannered boy.

El crédito del gif corresponde a acadisamanwhokissesandtells

The episode ends with Booth and Brennan walking together and chatting to friends and best friends, everyone needs a best friend, says Booth. Brennan does not want to be her best friend, friendship is a platonic relationship without sexual charge and she did not want that. (I can not believe me) Booth of course neither does, of course not, they are something else, they are in another dimension. He is a romantic man, and never will tell her that she's all (friend, partner, wife, mother, and of course his sexual pet too) the Boneshead want to know they have done in the bathtub..., But also prefer to be recognized as her sexual pet, as your puppy??? ... well no, better a lion (do not think so).

Too bad as funny and good episode aired on Friday and only see him live 5.67 million, 1.5 share of between 18 to 49 years, but as Clinton would say, "No Bones. It's the economy, stupid"

I want to dedicate this review to a one Boneshead with a big heart, sweet, cheerful, sympathetic and great girlsr who has become an angel before time, Lilly (@ Lilli_Sunshine) we love you and you'll be with us always.

Life is wonderful but also has dark side, its cruel & very unfair, so enjoy it a lot guys your life and try to be happy every day.