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BONES. Premiere of the Ninth season. The Secret in the Proposal

By Marien Lopez (@lobavieja68) & translate & add something more By Anna Rosa Cuenca (@Farrerosa)  

Well, the ninth season of Bones began, Will the last one? All fans of bones hopefully not the last, Will be all the characters in the picture in the last episode of the S9? That's the last intrigue / surprise of the season has TV Line announced just the day of the premiere just for crazy fans. The predictions are that only will be five. Anyway we must be prepared for the crazy trip awaits to us according to an announcement by David Boreanaz on Twitter (OMG)

David Boreanaz@David_Boreanaz
It's an @BONESonFOX night. Season 9 starts tonight . Get ready for a crazy
16 sep 13 02:16 p.m.

Forget for now the mysteries , prophecies and follies , whose reason and truth will discover in time and let’s talk and let’s talk about what really matters to us, “The Secret in the Proposal” the first episode of the season. But before is appropriate that we take a look back and remember where we came from, Although the beginning of the episode they do it , I think that they forget some important things:

When at the beginning of The Secret in the Siege , the last episode of the eighth season, Brennan, Booth 's insistence that he is changing his view of marriage , you have an unconscious desire to get married , says: "I love Booth , is not that enough ? " And he answers : " Yes , that's enough "

When in the same episode, Brennan tells Booth, thinking it may be a target of Pelant, with a package of jerky in your hands Will you marry me, Booth?
And when Booth asks if really she is sure or if it says only what is happening, she says yes, that all this has clarified that what she really wants is to he: "I want you to be my husband, I want to spend the rest of my life with you ". And he answers: "Yes, of course" still amazed and in a cloud of joy.

When Booth, itself bound by Pelant retracts and says: "I think we should not get married ... I should have thought before you answer it (...) It's just a piece of paper, we are right so is enough." And she, very rational, responds: "You're right, I am impressed to see things from my perspective." And when Booth insists if all is okay, she very sure responds: "Of course." And yet the camera shows us this:

Why this pain?, When in the same episode had recognized that the relationship that they have was enough? The answer is in the conversation she has with Cam and Angela in the laboratory, in which you tell after marrying Booth explains that she used to make the decision logic based on the evidence. "When I thought Booth live the rest of my life, my fenitelamina levels clearly rose". In their language, but understandable. She is in love. 

And that's the problem ¡¡¡the love!!! love should be a joyful emotion by the existence of the soul mate with whom to share your life and your problems, that the frustrated hurts. And it hurts because when you fall in love, as you stated in the episode The Beginning in the End, you put yourself at stake. That you are and what you was. And while the doctor was an empirical rationalist should have discovered for herself the reasons which Booth to reject his proposal, she cannot. The pain of rejected love and broken heart she cannot see that there is a powerful reason. 

Because Brennan is no longer the rationalist empirical pilot episode,   in 165 episodes emitted of the show, her human transformation has been complete. The woman who built when her parents abandoned, which had frozen heart, no longer exists. Brennan has been lost and found herself a mother, a woman in love Booth dependent for their happiness. 

 And Booth the man who with his love caused the changes, the player who wanted forty, fifty, sixty years of love, in fact she thinks, has come to reject. No longer is security, your world teeters and that leads her to think that he does not love her that is cheating with another woman. And not worth the words or oaths "I would die for you," he says. I hear but cannot believe it, if it were true he would have married her, because as Fernando Pessoa in one of his sonnets "There is an abyss between the souls who cannot save the thought." A chasm jumps only Faith And there we are

But Bones IS Bones is a procedural Original & atopic show, in which death and the murders never feel as a threat, there are, but do not bring or anger or sadness. They are actually a pretext for to hear pseudoscientific and complicated sentences and to see corpses disgusting. A procedural written and produced by people able to summon the premiere of the ninth saying:

And he was right , in The Secret in the Proposal have shared a lovely little murder, Jason Seidel , an accountant from the State Department who was studying alternative transport in Europe. The problem is it was a cover, which was not a nerd who tallied statistics, but an undercover CIA agent Booth and Brennan investigate, but they are not alone, blood attracts other wolves that these other, hunt alone. Turns out to be an old friend of Booth's army that ultimately recognized to be indebted to him and will make a proposal. Will accept Booth?

The accounting officer, Jason , to what really was engaged by means of a coworker Lily, recruited as an agent, was to blackmail large employers to include in their contracts with " the Chinese" undercover agents . Lily, a great patriot, has a mother lawyer believes that the prostitute, and what mother will not let Booth in the interrogation room, the tooth will kneel her child, whom his expensive briefcase will cause an upset, since discoveries Brennan and Daisy in the laboratory become suspicious. Booth, an entire episode suffering soul, pulls no punches when many of stopping. What threatens to denounce police violence, because he consented overall finish your martini drink. After all a lady who was innocent UPS….

The culprit turned out to be another knight in bicycle, a Quixote who tried to rescue Lily, his damsel, life of corruption to which the accountant had thrown. A lovely little murder anyone but Cam, so to be the boss, imported. What really mattered to members of the Jeffersonian and the FBI was the tense situation Booth and Brennan living.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned." These are the first words of Booth in the episode. The father is not as father, but it was in his time the army in charge of releasing the tortured soul Sniper remorse. You know him. "I lied to the woman I 'm in love" he adds. "That's a lie comes from the heart" says Aldo it's called the old priest turned- bartender "Paradise Lost", a strip club. "Exactly, so it is a sin."

Aldo, of course, should tell the truth, and Booth tells the truth, the two conclude that all they can do, being the man he is, and the woman who is Brennan is Pelant catch and kill him. And that has worked unsuccessfully Booth during these three months, the normal work and overtime to find the murderer. And of course that led to Brennan feels that it has departed from her, that she had romantic feelings between the two has cooled. And, as said earlier, that, together with the rejection, led to believe that Booth is having relationships with others, and who is lying. Talks between the two are strained, the eyes of ice, cannot even talk without arguing Christine, the two with a broken heart, both suffering. Both knowing they want and yet moving farther away from each other.

And all feel very unhappy, says Caroline in an attempt to intervene Sweets and she of course refuses Booth. All except Daisy, who counsels firefighter Brennan have a friend like her. Angela Booth faces and says he no longer loves Brennan because she has lost her charm since her is mother. Cam and Hodgins are in the midst of conflict as firefighting and believe in Booth and attempt to ease the tense situation. Angela Hodgins making calm, convincing Cam that Brennan loves Booth that she loves him and then the pain they feel.

And yes, all finishes well, could not be otherwise, at least Brennan goes to "Paradise Lost" and has a conversation with Aldo. Who explains the great sacrifice involved for Booth, as a believer, have had to reject his proposal ultimately have faith in him, because he was a man for all he has done, and has done terrible things, has needed powerful reasons. And by night, when Booth returns home, Brennan awaits you with a glass of wine. All is OK. Sorry I lost perspective. "When you can tell me your reasons." "We're fine." "But now you ask me touch you." I will "answered Booth

I liked the episode, nothing to do with the pomp of The Secret in the Siege, the episode was well built and well played. Anyway, this has been a long summer and have been promised by the producers too many things to the fans, but there is one that I especially like to remember and hopefully not forget the promise made. Stephen Nathan told TV Guide published on 10 September referring to Booth and Brennan said: "We will honor that relationship.".

Whatever happens, the important thing is that the premiere has been a ratings success, according to preliminary data 2.2 share and more than 7 and a half million viewers. There were more than those 7,11 m of Season finale S8. While not forget that Bones was the first series to debut this season and things may be different on Monday but I have a lot of faith and trust of BONES as I have always had since the pilot episode. Meanwhile enjoy it a lot that yesterday offered. A great show.

Finally our warmest welcome to the show and the family of BONES fans Aldo's character, you're a charming and we love you!