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Bones. Review of "The Cheat in the Retreat " between cheaters doing the game”

Article by Marien (@lobavieja68), translated & something more by Anna Rosa (@Farrerosa)
Blind Trust

Since Tony and Roxie appeared in The Woman in the Sand, episode eight of the second season, as a couple of players willing to raze Las Vegas, exactly six years have passed ten months and fifteen days. In 2006 were happily "engaged" but Roxie, who dressed like a teacher spinster who lives with her sister, did not need papers and Tony, his tiger, who was not a sucker , I want her look sexy, like the teacher “femme fatale” that every teenage boy dreams having in high school sometimes, then She trusted him.

The engaged

In 2013, however, Tony and Roxie are a couple with a few secrets to reproach himself but ... they fit well in convenient places. Roxie has lost her charm “Claire Bow”, is a bit bossy woman who doesn’t like that her man to get in the bathroom to drink beer cap. And Tony, all feeling and no brain, no longer seems so fit, but has merit having to share the master bedroom with the statue of a goddess of fertility and of course, under the influence and charm of the statue Tony complies as a tiger with his tigress

A troubled marriage

Even more than before Tony & Roxie, perhaps by nasal & authoritarian tone of Roxie or Tony slumdogs gestures, the impression I had watching the episode, was that, except for the bigwigs, I was in the presence of Buck & Wanda. The bizarre and ordinary couple.

The bizarre couple

What has remained the same, has been who has been shock: a Tony in 2006 nearly killed him with his fists in a boxing match and now, in 2013, perhaps in consideration of his age (although for me, he was top form yet), have had the detail of cover with inflatable rubber suit, but has been equally as sweating blows!!!!!, but, in both cases Roxie has been at his side encouraging and guiding him in this episode very well indeed. 

2013 it seemed that he could no walk and jumped
2006 Seemed lost and won

Ah! I make you a confension before talking about the case. If you ever, for any reason, my partner and I stopped trusting each other (which is unlikely but not impossible), if we try to jump, day after day, the gulf that separates us, if ever the secrets hide are of the same importance as those of Tony and Roxie or the gay couple, I announce that we will go to a "Couples Retreat". Before consenting to a group of strangers snooping into our lives, while sweat at my expense, I tell my problems to the concierge and my neighbors, always envious, would make them happy and someday I received to them this happiness 

That said, let's talk about the episode. The charming murder that brings us together every week Bones was not much, especially the guest appearance of a wild cat, how they tried to catch him roared, looked like a panther. I was impressed that Dr. Hodgins when received in full nose deposit their feces. The truth is that "our wonderful boy bugs" has been very successful this week in the lab, arguably is the king and as a human being, a great person and a great friend, much better than his wife.

The lovely case this week has been in the hands of murderers. Yes, you read it correctly, a lovely oldsters couple, the Schumacher, the typical loving couple who take a lifetime and can not live without each other. so willing to remain united in condemning as they were in the crime, therefore, that Booth did not dare to say no, they would not share the same cell. Ohhh so so sad!

The official victim was a cheater, yes, a married man who goes on a retreat for couples therapy with her lover. But so was the trickster shaman who led the retreat, all I knew I had read psychology self-help books, cheats the murderers who had no marital problems and retirement came looking for his theft victims. Cheater's murder, which was not premeditated or treachery, actually fought each other when the dead were caught trying to enter your home. And cheaters, Tony and Roxie assumptions. Although one thing did not lie in the confidence they had in each other.

And that seems to upset Angela, the best friend, who slyly manipulate Brennan tries to tell you if the withdrawal has done some good in his relationship with Booth and her intelligent, responds that the relationship was very the best of all couples that were there and why is not mad at him, though he gave no reason not to get married, the answer is very Brennan. "I do not know, because Mars lost its magnetic field and I'm not angry with him." Although in the end, Angela was able to redeem such pettiness

And yes, the episode has been fun, yes, but not both, the fault is not with Tony and Roxie, is real victims Sweets and Cam. The doctor, still sore from handling Pelant feels lost, without any psychological skill. In this case misses anything. Upon victim profile says he is single and is a laborer “WRONG”””, the victim is married and is a principal direction. Sweets wants to change his life, is willing to become a healer, he says, to help people and not to the authorities, not to delegate, to get their hands dirty, and although Angela advised him to stay, like everyone else, to face to Pelant, he decides to leave FBI and take a leave of absence.

Cam is definitely the main victim of the episode. Yes, Cam. The truth is that paraphrase the philosopher, we are that we think ... and what they say about us documents, from birth, shape our identity. A Cam, when Arastoo company, goes to the place where it has appeared the victim, the police stop, while police detain accused of racism, he pulls a gun and Cam is arrested, is accused of fraud credit cards and checks. Not for a moment no doubt her team. Someone is stealing the identity. Well, no doubt that Brennan is innocent, but adds that is smart enough to commit the crime, you know, Brenan’s things.

The truth is that Cam is undone, she so independent, so yours looks helpless. Fortunately, there are Booth, Arastoo & Hodgins to come to their aid. They trust her. It is moving and with Arastoo is relieved "You're ruining my good name," says the thief, who is also the cheating, you can go to jail and lose your home. What matters is their reputation. And that's the moment of redemption in the story of Angela, she investigates on his own counterfeits willing to help her find out who is stealing the identity ... And no, not resolved in the episode, but as things are happening in the first two episode, the plot will be continued and would not be absurd to think who is behind the theft ... 

And finally what?, because in the end, Brennan, in front of his marriage bed, decides that it's time for one of the exercises learned during the retreat, Booth is reluctant and impatient, there is a game you want to see, but relents. .., with eyes closed and their hands touch feel ... feel the clothes in their way, OMG their mouths look like and anxiously, that ... the bed is there ... close….. they feel,… they need to enjoy their love urgently urgency that Booth forget the party and ... episode is over.