jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014


Translated by Anna Rosa Cuenca

The Curiosity is certainly the big responsible of the evolution of human beings, which incited to the first monkey to climb down and walk on two legs; but the dictionary doesn’t have it in high place: "Desire to know or find someone that doesn’t concern him." "Vice that leads someone to inquire it should not to care." It’s clear: people officially curious are people vicious & nosy, well, I don’t agree sometimes and for some professions. 

"I haven’t special talents, but yes I am deeply curious," said Albert Einstein of himself. What would have become of quantum physics, mathematics and the conquest of space if the mathematical & physicist genius with philosophical vocation had it not been so curious?

"The constant happiness is the curiosity." Wrote the Canadian writer Alice Munro Nobel Prize for Literature. And, do you know? she's right. Being curious is a constant source of happiness.

And if we also curiosity provides an injection in my addiction to the Bones "TOUR" From the Earth to the Moon and back for Mars, but not on a space shutle from NASA but propelled by dew bottles filled as Cyrano de Bergerac.  Seen so my Bones addcicion is really a vice. A fun vice shared with a millions of  Boneheads.

For to celebrate a decade of Bones I reviewed old articles and interviews remembering a lot of things that I had forgotten and discovering another pile unknown. Maybe some of you don’t be such a bad memory like mine, but still hope that for all, that the visit to the past of Bones will be as successful as I have enjoyed while preparing.


We know the difficulties experienced by the producers for to find the woman: young, intelligent and beautiful who played Dr. Brennan. Emily came when many other actresses had already read the paper with David Boreanaz. According to Hart Hanson tell,  when Emily came to read David already had a candidate. So when I started the audition Boreanaz who is very tenacious, he challenged. With his impressive physical and stature he laughed and went straight to her in an attempt at intimidation,  in vain, because Emily was undeterred stepping forward and challenged him.

From that first challenged  leapt the first sparks of the chemistry which has made them one of the best couple of current TV. Hanson doesn’t explain how is the fraternal relationship that binds them off the screen becomes a romantic relationship and full of sexual tension as the camera is turned on. (honesty we netier, but it’s the main engine of the show & we love, say Anna) 


And  David Boreanaz didn’t know was the great desire of Emily for to get the role, her first starring role on a TV show.

She toll That when she began to play Dr. Brennan was always stressed. She was determined to do perferct; she accumulated so much stress that she came to mourn on the set for not getting to say well a line.

But also in her personal life (just a bit gossip) that she just broken with her boyfriend because he smoke and she doesn’t, so logically she was fed up smoke, when she broken with him, she bought  a duplex in West Hollywood with her sister Zooey, so when Bones started filming in the spring-summer of 2005,  she was single, without compromise, with new apartment and very ready for to have fun.


When you has seen the fifth season of Angel and then you see the Pilot episode of Bones you take a tremendous and great surprise in the moment which,  on the interrogation room from Washington Airport David Boreanaz appears. Is he or isn’t ?, one wonders. And the doubt is not only due to the difference in styling, the willies to slicked hair. It’s for his general appearance. It is the same man, no doubt, there's his straight nose, small & expresive eyes and sunken, his broad forehead, his powerful shoulders, his half & charmed smile, her ... no, his chin isn’t, nor flabby body, pounds of most have disappeared, to look younger.

Although in the final episode of Angel, "Not Fade Away", his image had improved, among which said "Let us work" last sentence of show Angel and : "F.B.I Special Agent Seeley Booth Brigade crimes investigation of Washington" there a big change in his physical appearance. He said it: Apparently while studying secondary was injured playing football and then he isn’t operated. In 2003 the pain back and went under the knife. The operation went great, but ... he was six months without running and get fat

When to David was offered the character of Booth he had already slimmed down, but still want to lose more, so apart from working with his personal trainerhe hired a nutritionist to help him for to change his eating habits.  It must have cost, but worth it. And he wanted the character look alike to FBI agents cinema classics, hence the skinny tie, wide suits and the famous raincoat. A tribute to Steve McQueen in Bullitt


This is one of the things that has pleased me find. Parker Matthew Booth exists because there Jaden Boreanaz.

Hart Hanson tells. The character of Booth's son, Parker, didn’t exist at the beginning of the series, really, there wasn’t talk of him till episode 1.09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter. When Booth, affixed by injections that have put them to cut hay fever "supposedly" infected by Hodgins, he tells to Dr. Goodman and well you know, the doctor out of his hands and in the end everyone knows it and Brennan reproaches him for Christmas dinner than he has 1 child without being married.

Well, Mr. Hanson created Parker's character after he saw how was  David Boreanaz's relationship with his own son. Then I knew he wanted a similar thing in the show. But it’s not the only thing that the character resembles to the person. Do you remember that when Brennan offers to marry her in The Secret in the Siege (8.24) does with a package of beef jerky? Well, apparently David likes. And another one. Booth's mother is a singer, and mother of David also, when she was Young, she to offers to tour with Tommy Dorsey's orchestra which she refused.


Another interaction between the life of the actors and the characters. Emily Deschanel's told. When she was a child she loved Wonder Woman, really she was obsessed with her. In episode Mummy in the Maze (3.05) Dr. Brennan is disguised as Wonder Woman and says it was his favorite character, who loved her to have superpowers. However, Emily recognizes that the end of two days of filming was sick of being Wonder Woman more than anything  by how uncomfortable was the disguise,  really is a simple corset. And how Booth tells  her at the end,  she really has superpowers, not the fantasy of Wonder Woman.

In the same episode, the production of the show was scheduled to Booth appeared dressed as Roman general and short skirt armor, but David Boreanaz refused, didn’t seem appropriate. He asked one of  bumblebee but rental Company disguise was wrong and eventually he had to disguise as "nerd" which no doubt contributed to that looked like one of his favorite classic actors Cary Grant.


He tells himself: one day, Greg Yaitanes called he and said he was directing the episode of a series called Brennan, "Who is not perfect but you can turn around so I want to give you a chance".

"The character was described as if it were an older, who always wore shorts (can you imagine it?) And had huge glasses ass of glass, like a bug. TJ Thyne read it and thought it was a great character but ... decided to change it. and when he came to the audition with Hanson and Barry Josephson interpreted it as a young, enthusiastic, cheerful and stubborn character. and liked it.

Certainly if TJ Thyne was the last to get into Bones, Eric Millegan was the first actor in being chosen 


Billy Gibbons one day I stopped on the street and in relation to Angela and Hodgins said, "You better take it easy on kids of yours in Original. You are getting a little rough on them." And there you see how hard he's been with Hodgins, one of the funniest Bones frames. The reverent fear that feels his son in law in his presence and not only so that he likes both guns and guitars. To call his son Michael Vincent has cost to the good doctor wearing tattooed on his right arm father in low face. The funny thing is according to TJ Thyne told Billy Gibbons and he takes great, that when you go on the set is spend hours talking and talking, they are really great friends.

And as told Michaella Conlin his father was very, very impressed when he learned that the legendary Billy Gibbons, the Texan guitarist of ZZ Top was playing the father of Angela, Mr. Conlin is a big fan of the musician .


No, don’t mean that David Boreanaz is the clown of Bones, is a funny guy that plays jokes on the set, but also as Emily say is who gets to make peace with each other and reach compromises. Booth has a phobia of clowns or coulrophobia is a "joke" from Hart Hanson, "considering the the interaction between personality and character actor. David is a happy and fun person and is constantly making jokes on set. 

However, when asked to TJ Thyne who was the funniest person in the cast of Bones said "Um ..." and is apparently the thing is very complicated. "Everyone on the set is hysterical," he replied. He added, "For some reason Tamara (Cam, Dr. Saroyan) and I cannot do a scene without laugh a lot. We make each other laugh and then all equipment start laughing and becomes contagious and no one can stop laughing."


In the San Diego Comic Con this year, Emily Deschanel has said that the most disgusting thing  that she has done recently on Bones has been put on like a glove hand of a corpse. But she didn’t said that usually she isn’t nothing disgusting with the bugs and other… 

Tamara Taylor told that to Emily you can take over blood, guts, worms and rats that did not bother you, but to her doesn’t like porous bones.

Again TJ Thyne talks about bugs. He hates, yes entomologist Jeffersonian hates worms, insects and other ilk ... but ... doesn’t get nervous as Tamara with the spiders or Michaela with cockroaches. And do you what he does? Well like a little boy, running behind them with bugs in hand by the set. A funny guy, yes very very funny guy


They could not miss in this list. The disgusting and bodies is one of the hallmarks of Bones, the more nasty and unpleasant appear much fun to Stephen Nathan. The Build managers are Yagher brothers hired for the show for the producer Barry Josephson.

According to Josephson told, when they were shooting the first episodes Kathy Reichs was on set. Hart Hanson and he got nervous if you were preparing not seem right. When shown one of the corpses, Kathy examined carefully and quietly, as you can imagine it both are nerves, sure. Then Kathy said, "Hum, the large intestine is a bit too thick."

Definitely one of the most disgusting scenes of discovery of a corpse corresponding episode as The Gamer in the Grease (5.09). Do you remember? A man appears inside a container filled with oil and when they pull out the container fall off chunks of meat and skin gradually. Brennan that he intended to leave because that body had too much meat, she has to backtrack and examine the bones. Well, says John Francis Daley (Dr. Sweets) that the scene was even more disgusting, because they really were in a corner, shotting with a real container and the place was full of cockroaches. At least Stephen Nathan was good and saved us all the arcades.

Are they resisted dew bottles? After a decade Bones curiosities I still have more for to discover. As you do it, I'll tell you.