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A Decade with Bones: the Origin

Translated by Anna Rosa Cuenca.

Carlos Gardel sang this "Twenty years is nothing," and isn’t true. The ten years that Bones will comply on 13 September are and not only just to the amazement of his starring Emily Deschanel, "A whole decade of my life !!". Of her life and all the fans who have followed them, we have followed them since the Pilot. Some we have been married, divorced, calved, others, however, the grandmothers or mothers instilled the "vice" have been women, have left childhood and form a new generation with different values ​​and referents; but ultimately, the chasing of a man to a woman and viceversa, the oldest game in the world, uniting all ends.

Emily seems crazy to have reached the tenth and her is right, the time slipping through our hands without us being aware of it. "Tempus fugit" said the poet Virgil, and with the time, not only fleeing the clouds, or shadows, also our lives.

And Bones, Even although it still Bones, and apparently in each episode is like the Pilot: a disgusting corpse, Brennan's magic in the laboratory, the Booth in the interrogation room and the final flourish of the couple, time has passed also changing some things.

For the first time when this season starts, his creator Mr. Hart Hanson, will not have the control of the show, have it Mr. Stephen Nathan, till now  the executive producer. And what can say about the lives of  B&B, Hating each other in the Pilot, passed after years of persecution, unresolved sexual tension: will they do? Or not?  Maybe?? to become a sòlid marriage: Satisfied desire, the confrontation isn’t between Booth and Brennan yet, now they are faced with evil together, although occasionally still seems, for his humor, a crazy romantic comedy.

And so when the season starts Tenth Booth's life is on the edge. The knight errant with Lionheart who sold his soul and his weapon for the defense of their country has been betrayed by the FBI, the institution most trusted.

And what about the Brennan who has seen her life like a scientific, empirical and rational has become confused, which has suddenly found buried in a sea of ​​emotions and fears, alone with her daughter, her husband in jail pending a possible death sentence and her amazing house, her beautiful home, shattered.

Yes, Virgil was right, the time has also escaped from their hands to Booth and Brennan.

And although what drew us all here has certainly been the romantic comedy, the encounters and clashes of the couple must not forget that in essence, Bones is a self-conclusive procedural. That is, in every week, almost two hundred episodes have been dedicated to pursuing, find and arrest murderers, to rid the world of evil and make it a better place. With these premises was created; but never had easy to become.

According to what that explain the responsable its creation turned out nearly a sitcom, with strong women and silly men, doors that open and close, anger, misunderstandings and encounters that spark. In the end, Greg Yaitanes, director of the Pilot episode, scream ¡¡¡¡Action!!!! in February 2005 it was almost a miracle of Saint Graham Bell.


Says Dr.Kathy Reichs, the forensic anthropologist whose life and experiences Bones is based, that the rise of the police procedural based mostly forensics began in the nineties with the 1994 show trial of OJ Simpson, the American football player and actor, who was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. According to Kathy that was when people began to understand the importance of patterns of bloodstains,  the DNA and trajectory angle of the wound to identify the culprits.

Kathy Reichs snt her first novel to the Publisher “Déjà Dead” with the adventures of Dr. Temperance Brennan in 1996 precisely in June of that year began airing on the Discovery Channel documentary series The News Detectives, in which the crimes were analyzed most famous from the point of view of forensic investigation.

The interest of the public responded by CBS for many years was the most watched television program, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which still follow. Since October 2000, the adventures of Gil Grissom and the guys from the crime lab in Las Vegas police massively attracted the attention of the audience; the final episode of the 2004-2005 season, directed by Quentin Tarantino, was watched by a record number of spectators, thirty five Million.

Of course, the police procedural has always been a mainstay of American television, and the success of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NBC responded by creating in 2001 the show Crossing Jordan, where forensic investigations and intervention solving crimes.

And much success to wonder why Fox decided to have its own procedural based forensics. So, like, to paraphrase Dr. Brennan to make a TV series you must first have an idea and then means to carry it out (though not necessarily in that order), in late 2004 both, ideas and resources converged on Fox.



In late 2004 and early 2005 Gail Berman woman who ran Fox decided that was enough of both Gil Grissom and so Jordan, Fox would battle the police procedural. And I'd do differently: by joining forensics, humor and characters. The data that must be remembered is that the curriculum consists of Gail Berman have been the executive producer of two series created by Joss Weddon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

At the same time and group companies, another powerful woman Dana Walden led the 20th Century Fox studio dedicated to the production of films and television shows.

At that time Kathy Reichs had already become a famous novelist at the expense of the adventures of Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who solved crimes. 


Also around that time three men walked aimlessly in search of a new challenge:

BarryJosephson, famed producer of such films as Men in Black, Air Force One or Bad Boys, who had a production deal with the studio since 2002, 20th Century Fox, had acquired the rights to a documentary based on the life and work of the anthropologist Kathy Reichs and intended to turn it into a television shows.

By then, Hart Hanson, screenwriter and executive producer of series such as Judging Amy and Joan of Arcadia, he was writing a pilot, always writing a pilot pursuant global agreement that binds the Studio 20th Century Fox who came down "for various reasons. "

In early 2005, David Boreanaz "liberated" a year before of Angel, the vampire with a soul, who had ruled his career for eight years, in an attempt to relaunch it in Hollywood as an actor had to intervene in two independent films The Crow: Wicked Prayer and These Girls unfortunately with little success.


The famous rule of six steps that unites everyone in the whole world, does not apply in the cinema or on television. Everyone knows everyone or knows who everybody knows. Among the three women and the three men mentioned there is only one step.

Namely: Gail Berman and Dana Walden are known, both are directives same group of companies. Dana Walden knows Hart Hanson, a screenwriter who directed the study she has on payroll. Dana Walden knows Barry Josephson, executive producer, who in 2002 had made The film Like Mike. Barry Josephson know Kathy Reichs, just bought the rights to a documentary about the life and work of the doctor.

And Gail Berman meanwhile known and well David Boreanaz as it not only served as executive producer on both series that had intervened, but according to statements by Joss Wheddon was she who convinced him that he chose to play Angel: "Not my type, I was not sure I had the guy we wanted until I asked Gail Berman and Marcia Shuman, our casting director and both melted as he entered the room. They raved, they were enthusiastic about it and I had to surrender to them, seemed to know more than me."


The two powerful women, which played no less than 240 million dollars in investment, the three decided to give unemployed men a destination and set up the phone:

The first was Dana Walden, Hart Hanson called and asked to meet with Barry Josephson to see turned into a "forensic" documentary series he owned over the anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

But ... the gentleman Hart Hanson was not interested in writing a forensic procedural, had too many programming then says he thought.

But a woman does not get to direct a film and television studio but always has an ace up his sleeve and Dana Walden had it. They did not want a pure procedural, but one that was fun and more focused on the characters than the rest.

And Hart Hanson, obedient, met with Barry Josephson, glanced documentary about Kathy Reichs and began to investigate forensic techniques like crazy. In early 2005 and had sketched the Pilot episode. He began searching for the protagonists.


The choice of the stars of a Show television  is a very complicated task, in the case of Bones appears that the two women had it clear from the beginning. They wanted to "masculine" starring David Boreanaz.

Who first called who has been in the nebula, but the truth was that the two raised their phone and made a call:

Gail Berman called David Boreanaz to offer the lead role in the series was going to Brennan Barry Josephson producing for 20th Century Fox. And 

Dana Walden called Hart Hanson to recommend David Boreanaz for the role of Agent Seeley Booth.


Hanson who knew David Boreanaz for his role in Buffy and Angel was prepared to hire him away, I was pretty sure I could do, that was eligible to play Booth.

But Boreanaz isn’t easy to put it in first did not want to commit to star in another TV show and attended the meeting with Barry Josephson and Hart Hanson because he wanted to join the boys in the film and Barry could open the door to Hollywood productions.

The character liked, but initially didn’t fall too well Hart Hanson and him, why? Well i don’t know,  Maybe because David wanted to be allowed to direct some episodes, which Hanson didn’t see fit to be included in the contract.

Finally had to call Barry Josephson and insist to accept the role.

To all this, the time to start taxing the Pilot and had to Temperance Brennan approached.


According to Hanson, to be the star of Bones youth, intelligence and beauty was needed. Thing very difficult, apparently, to gather in one Hollywood actress. They began the casting, the actresses read the paper with David Boreanaz and said goodbye.

And then came the genie from the bottle, which in Hollywood is usually the friend of a friend. And Barry Josephson Jason Reed called it Disney Touchstone Productions and proposed out and try to Emily Deschanel had done with them in the 2004 film The Alamo Legend.


And Emily Deschanel arrived, read the paper and it turned out it was not only his role but possibly end up being, after ten years, the role of his life.

According to David Boreanaz when Emily has read, the miracle is expected Because it turned out that the two were together that something that can not be manufactured, that something that causes the fictual pact with viewers and is usually called chemistry. Boreanaz doesn’t have much of poet calls it "When you have lightning in the bottle, you want to capture it, nurture it."

Needless to say that Emily called to tell when it was chosen was jumpingfor joy, was his first starring role in a series.


But wasn’t all an easy ride, suddenly, when everything was already in place, there appeared a "wicked" gentleman placed some stones in the path of Bones. In June 2005 Gail Berman resigned and Peter Liguori  took his place. Bones wasn’t one of their shows and wasn’t for inclusion in the FOX programming.

when there are difficulties is when you really wit is tested and Hart Hanson said, he got with gist and make him forget his reluctance Liguori. How did you get ?, making more attractive:

- Made the Pilot began with the exhibition of underwear of Angela, and 
- Put stuffing in the bra breasts highlighting the chest of Brennan.


First scene shot of Bones.
Or not?, because at this point the glow of the past may not matter as much as the future possibilities that have opened over the recent statements of Bones Peter Rice, CEO of the Fox Group in TCA2014: "I hope this year not be the last."So be it. 

P.P.- Prepared with information gathered from interviews given by the protagonists and told by Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson in the comments on the DVD of the first episode of Bones and Joss Wheddon in the first episode of Angel.