miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Bones. A year of "Traffic and Enjoy" Stories of the Old Wolf.

The 6th of August, the blog turns two. Last year, when I celebrated the first birthday I ended up with a confession based on this quote from Sonnet 25 Shakespeare: "Although luck not want me winning not complaining, after all I am happy, I love and am loved and I can not change or be changed ". Today, a year later and more than a hundred thousand hits on the blog I have another confession to make, and this time use my own words.

This year the blog has been silent chronicle of a success.

It is true that the old wolf stories are over. My family sold the Navas de Marimingo, Severiano, mouse-stories has it started to live on Star Island with Julio Iglesias and other expatriate stars my imagination and the curtain fell.

It’s true  that I stopped writing. Yes, and don’t call me a liar. I've become adept to New York poet  Kenneth GoldsmithHe better than anyone has managed to define the real problem of the writer these days: "The net is a gigantic machine to generate writing" and therefore "is nonsense inflict new texts to the world."

I don’t lie. It is true that I am publishing the blog, one hundred eighty entries last year, but is not the new writing is not to write, but not to create, not to make up stories. This last year I've only posted on Bones and some other show. ideal solution and fully satisfactory for me. Compatible my old addiction with my new creative philosophy.

Let me explain. I didn’t mean two years ago when I opened the blog talking about Bones but after ten years chasing a blog in Spanish that would satisfy my addiction to the series, as many as Booth Brennan persecuted, it made sense to take the plunge. Yes nobody gave me a dose of Bones I needed to quench the same addiction I become a dealer.

And that, that precisely is the "new writing" Traffic and recycling. Write about Bones is a copy-paste of what flows through the network. Stephen Nathan, the showrunner, gives an interview, say, Marisa Roffman of Give me my Remote, and faithful follower of Bones and Goldsmith, copy it, translate it with common sense and the public. No establishment traffic only.

 And you turn me on Face the Fan-Fiction "The Anthropologist, the Agent and the President", it's just a more sophisticated form of traffic, like the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II, not a drug mule in the stomach. Neither the characters nor their words or their actions out of my imagination. Copy and paste of what happened in the past nine years in Bones.

Did I mention Bones? No? The over sixty thousand visits to the blog this year have been almost all of Boneheads, or people who is interested in the series. And they do satiate your curiosity about the series, to find the dose of his addiction. It's not me they're after is to Booth, Dr. Brennan, Dr. Hodgins, Cam and Angela, and of course David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

In that sense it is as I understand the success of the blog. It is not mine, is Bones and will be until the end of the show.
And when the acknowledgments, the deepest, sincere and loving a very special witch singing of wonder, a bonehead pro, Anna Rosa Cuenca, generous and wonderful translations of the reviews of the first part of the season gave the blog an "international importance" (yes, yes a thousand visits have three of them) from which previously lacked. Thank you. Anna.
And how to forget my dear Encarna Gallego, bonehead and boreanazhead heart. I know you're always there although I read at the wrong time and out of season. That, friend, is a great gift.
What can I Say of my Mexican, Argentine & Amerian Bonesheads: Maddy, Noelis, Elizabeth, Bonesforever, Linda,  Sarah and so many anonymous. When I look at the blog statistics and see how they grow in the early morning visits I know that your are. Thank you very much.

Success or failure? Who cares !! What matters is that this year I satisfied my addiction and have tried the satisfaction of many others and hope to continue doing for many years.

A year of "Traffic and Enjoy"