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By Anna Rosa and Marien

I don't know the reasons that led to Hart Hanson, creator of Bones, a wedding program Booth and Brennan in episode six of this season and not wait until the end of S9, as it appears that he recommended FOX (personally Mr. Hanson have my support) but what I am sure of is that with the issuance of the Woman in White, Hanson has been freed from the "hypothetical debt" that he had with the fans. Moreover, I am convinced that what remains to be watch this season (judging by their statements) not even remotely provide much excitement and joy like wedding, logically, because even knowing all that, when I read the press release the Nazi on the Honeymoon, I said, get ready to get mad, begins the fall of the empire of Rome and this time it will last four thousand years, but fortunately fot all Bonesheads it seems that I'm wrong and I hope so throughout this season.

As the note was said that the couple would honeymoon in Buenos Aires and an old Nazi would be the victim assumed it would be an episode laden with clichés and tangos and also played by actors who were born where his father each and her mother had wanted, not necessarily in Argentina as in the case of Joaquin Almeida.

But ... but Ambrose Bierce was rig ht when he said, in his magnum opus The Devil's Dictionary "A prejudice is a vagrant opinion without means of support", and in the end it turns out that the accents "porteños" of the alleged actors Argentines have bothered/surprised me as the choice of children who have "played" to make Christine and Michael Vincent, and has been so much that I can not help wondering: Have dispensed with the twins who play Christine for not want to attend the wedding? Why have others that have changed, which have also noticed that more than nineteen months? Do casting managers have forgotten that Michael Vincent is eleven months older than her? Is there a kind of bible of bones? not? it should be.

Yes, Boneshead I have written in bold to make it look good and truth, I have been so comfortable, almost as much as Booth was at the beginning of The Nazi on the Honeymoon, without being memorable episode that I enjoyed and liked (the liston is very high this season after watching the first six episodes, especially the fourth and sixth, for now insurmountable).

Maybe because I was expecting a more boring episode not been disappointed. Do not think he would have much romance, because romance, romance what is said there has never been much in Bones, well honestly all know Brennan, in love or not, she has never been a romantic woman, so it is not surprising that Booth's proposed: relaxation, beer and dolce vita, she rebel (I also would do it, sorry guys but I'm with Brennanand, being a bit selfish (remember that Doctor always has been highly independent and now must be less and maybe to adapt it costs) so drags her suffered, patient & recently husband to the place that interested her: a morgue.

And in a morgue is normal to find, at first sight, and mixed with the bones of hundreds missing, the remains of a man killed less than a month ago. Nothing. Neither the doctor in charge of the investigation, given his reputation there is always a member of the government to call to accept your help. That Dr. Perez, the forensic expert, dedicated to the identification of victims, not too much grace has done is not important, nor that between the two to start some kind of competition for the resolution of the case which loves Brennan.

Original has been, however, the way they have been involved in research to Booth. Everyone in Argentina, a country of readers, knows the agent Andy, everyone: the inspector in charge, the wife of the victim, the fence, the old Nazi hunter. Good for agent Andy "The epitome of the police officer" according to the inspector responsible Argentine Valenza find the murderer. And Brennan, quite surprised by the devotion they feel for Andy, is a little jealous.

And fun is all about the agent Andy, who as we've been told makes clear that the contribution of Angela Brennan books about Dr. Reichs and Agent Andy Lister is more relevant than that twenty-five per cent of the advances who graciously Brennan gave him for his contributions to books, and perhaps shows that Brennan is not fully aware of what he writes, and this can mean two things: it's not as intelligent as we have been led to believe (which I doubt a lot ) or episode screenwriter unread Bones bible again.

Valenza says the inspector when Brennan introduces him to his "new" instead of saying husband recently (how is that we never have talked about earlier ?)
"- Agent Andy , I can not believe I finally know what  - Have you read my books? -Question proud Brennan. - All - Valenza reply. Agent Andy is one of the best characters in literature. - Well, not really like Dr. Reichs - Brennan says - That's what she thinks he wants, because he's a real man -Valenza says"

In order to Booth, despite his initial reticence about possible "corruption" of the inspector, after investigation of Sweets not only puts his proverbial instinct research service: A Bones and I love working together, is what that best gives us, says, but comes to accept as good the Argentine unorthodox methods. First the coffee, then the coffee ... and then, perhaps, take a few shots.

Focusing on the case, the bones, found in a mass grave belonged to Miguel Eduardo Silva, a man of ninety. The prime suspect is his wife, a young penitent Magdalene, one of the worst neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, almost twin of Sofia Vergara, the Colombian actress from Modern Family. She says she did not kill her husband, nor has left no legacy, that old cash paid everything and she just passed an assignment.

Research advances when the Jeffersonian team  who was on "vacation" involved, astonished to see the newlyweds in a morgue. "The morgues are not romantic" says Hodgins. Dear (as Caroline tell) do you not know bones? with her, you must always expect the unexpected.

While Cam, to the amazement and disbelief of Booth and Brennan, who watch by video, run after Christine and Michael by the lab, Clark discovers the past Nazi of the victim, Hodgins that he was exposed to Cyclone -B, the gas with the that concentration camps killed millions of people and finally, Angela that he had a gold box stolen by the Nazis. Well, in short an "Angel".

On his own, Brennan finds that the immediate cause of death is a blow to the head inflicted with a bar of gold that the murderer took the same scene of the crime (the basement where Miguel hid his treasure and his past) that Booth leads to the conclusion that it was a passion crime. The inspector Valenza admires and is amazed their rapport: 
"- You know, see you work the two together is magical, he says. Dr. Reichs should be more respected -he adds.- It is -Brennan apostille pissed-, is the center of the books.- Come on, Bones, admit it, Argentina is my domain -Booth asks Argentines who have convinced themselves that it is a national hero" 

And although in the end the old Nazi hunter, he did not expect justice in the world but he was proud of searching, finds satisfaction, because the cause of Michael's death was none other than his Nazi past, the resolution of the case is a little forced, I will not tell you who the murderer, just that is Dr. Brennan, who at farewell, friends at last of Dr. Perez, find to criminal. He had killed because he confessed his past, a past that went against what he had always defended the victims. (My personal opinion: it is murder, is it JUSTICE)

I forgot the story of Angela and Hodgins at B&B home taking care of Christine, has less interest but is endearing, the children give a lot of trouble and it's better to have just one for can sleep and dinner well, although the couple ends Backtracking to see to them play quietly and they decide to have two.

And in the end, Brennan, despite feeling very pleased how is proving the honeymoon, because he has been doing what you love with the person you love "I actually find it highly romantic", that can not let go by jealousy and confesses to Booth, while he tries to get her drunk, she's thinking of killing the Agent Andy in an upcoming book. "We become holy" replied Booth, this time I agree with Booth and would be a shame to kill him, besides I think the books are no longer would sell both.

And seeing the delight with which the couple sipping their drinks, I have no doubt that the day will end one another's arms, yes, but no filling and satisfying sex under the covers but rather they will sleep a binge that they catch snoring sound.

By the way, I loved the music selection, no tangos, no cumbias Argentine and the great Mercedes Sosa giving "Gracias a la Vida",

Well besides us give thanks to the life, we thank to Hart Hanson & Co. for creating BONES