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BONES. A Brazen and Fun Wedding Recap

By Anna Rosa and Marien

Think the head of the Fox is, that is with all the respect, one of us, a boneshead, although sometimes it conceals very well. Only then can understand that after a week so stressful and emotional as last with Bones wedding granted us now, while Brennan and Booth "consume" in secret their marriage and eat partridges behind that jealous God and he will walk preparing divorce, a week of peace and quiet. Thanks Mr. Reilley, of course we would be most grateful if you leave Bones alone ruminating on Mondays and Fridays not to graze sends the cemetery THIS SHOW DON’T DESERVES THIS NOR THE LOYAL BONESHEADS NEITHER.

But before we start with the recap, let me tell you a story. When Hart Hanson announced at Comic-Con 2013 Booth and Bones would marry this season, my neighbor Anna is very determined and knows English, said it was our duty as loyal bonesheads, attend the ceremony. Were useless embodies reasons of Encarna, the neighvor of sixth, another from ours, that we would not be on the guest list. Needed not replied Anna, would come to the door of the Church and once there we could sneak.

As devout bonesheads and Booth's advice that we must be prepared for all that has to happen, happens, booked tickets for Washington in July. No, we were not hard to find out that the wedding would be on October 21, enough to take a look at the website of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church of the U.S. capital, where there were, if anyone had anything to say, the warnings agent Seeley Joseph Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan

Happy and dawn, October 19, we boarded, we wanted to catch the best sites on the door of the Church. We were loaded with baggage: a banner that read "I'm mom," if the director of the episode came to mind sweep of the camera, an assortment of flags, each of his village, the sleeping bags and I as I'm short, add a ladder of three steps that I had to leave at the airport of Barajas because it allowed me to bring on board as hand luggage as I was told Encarna and Anna (sure they were colluding with airport police and FBI)

And then, just when the aircraft doors closed we are out of luck. My secret hope, as I look a little like Charlotte, the lady of the mysteries that traveled to China sitting thirteen hours, thirteen, next to Booth, was I touched by seatmate, if not at the same Booth, another FBI agent resembling to him, but no luck, the hostesses were relentless and were seated at three together and impaled, Anna is tall that I did not know where to put her legs, that's what we had paid the bill more cheap. But worse was when our legs got numb and hungry to the Church and OMG!!!  We find it burning. For what I will tell our desolation, cuffs tears as we were falling from ours eyes.

Although God took pity on us and at the end we saw the wedding on television like the rest of the bonesheads. We shared the bed with a family of cockroaches, the sink with some beetles and we took turns holding TV antenna, which Encarna catch a bad cold is because if we wanted to catch the signal had to leave the window open, run by account of the adventure, because in the rush and our limited funds only found lodging in a filthy motel on the outskirts of Washington, and that after selling sleeping bags, banners and flags.
But why deceive you, we had a blast. We cried, laughed and gossiped, yes sir, gossiped, as surely made ​​that night and before the same event Fox chief, President Obama, the Queen of England and Angela Merkel, although the latter I'm not entirely sure.
And this is the story of what that night three bonesheads unaffordable to discouragement saw and lived


What to say about Bones, the three agreed. He was perfect, elegant and simple. His appearance, the truth, let's gaping. She looked beautiful, and remember their fibs, every bride is entitled to a lot of them before the nuptials, if the dress she found in a magazine when I was eight, that if I had saved before. Also we forget our reviews, when we learned that despite his millions had not bought a Valentino, we lay hands on his head (well Anna no, so why you are going to spend so much money on a dress that you take it just one day, really few hours, she believes that Bones did the right thing). As we saw walking, pride, majestic, like a queen, down the center aisle, as we saw the dress suited to your body, you naturally move, we knew we could not have chosen a better one.

And that is worthy of admiration that a designer chose American and only $ 4,800, knowing his influence on younger bonesheads. It wasn’t 1985, of course not, but the collection "Legends" in 2013 by designer Romona Keveza, bought in Beverly Hills, although be warned that Panachebridal, the store also has franchise in Pasadena, Costa Mesa and Santa Barbara .

It felt "divine", what flight, what a fall (we have not yet agreed whether it was organza, tulle or wild silk), with little ornaments, the only details lace embroidery, discreet, body and belt, and that great cleavage, how to set off his chest, how he enjoyed the episode's director playing with the overhead camera, you saw that rogue petal fell on, for a moment, on the edge of the neckline.

And the hair, sublime, the braid framing her face like a headband, leaving diaphanous for their beauty and their eyes could be seen freely. Needless to say, she looked happy and proud of the step.

And then the votes, what words so heartfelt, so why his declaration of love, giving and not giving in "You're a man confused, irrational and impulsive, desperate & superstitious (...) and because of you I've begun to see the universe a different way". We only found a snag, no we all thought. Oh no, Pls don’t fire to us yet, I say that we  don’t believed that we write when he was buried with Dr. Hodgins, Because then, in episode nine in the second season, she still did not know, rationally, that I could love, or Booth or anyone. But it was the bride and her wedding day everything is permissible.

And we loved that even in those moments lose the essence of itself, was great feminist claim, no business among men, surrendering two beings equal to one another, and it was she who ordered the groom, seeing that he could not decide, that the kiss at the end of the ceremony, but is that the groom's excitement kept her from thinking ...


Only someone with as few lights as Dr. Sweets comes up at the altar ask Booth if he was ready. From the pilot episode as we later learned from a year earlier. There are few men that their wedding day display so excited and determined to make the move like him. But how can I be but has done nothing in nine years to chase, care and love and suffer their indifference and "rational" act.

What sighs escaped him, how deep his voice sounded broken by emotion, how many times he saw her swallow, how they struggled to hold back tears. He was happy, extremely happy, but how when asked if he wanted to marry him, do not quite believe. And how he always wanted to do things right, arranged the suit of his boy, submissive accepted the father's death threat with his characteristic patience in dealing with Bones, the feminist claim. He did not care, all I took for good, at last he had succeeded, at last had caught. Oh, and loved the detail of the twins, that itself was our favorite agent, sure that photo was taken before, long before the excitement caught him on.

Well, girls honesty, with the incredible physique of booth the tuxedo fit him like a glove, That natural elegance! That style! Those shoulders with a Hugo Boss tuxedo, that uprightness of lines!!  That cut clean!. And although between us we soon agree, in the end we agreed that it was more appropriate that was not submitted in uniform. When he returned from Afghanistan said he had already finished with the army, was the appropriate tuxedo.

On their appearance only one complaint. The hairline. Did who was the idea combing Booth with hairline? It is often said that the wedding day a bride should not change their appearance, must remain her as the same with the groom. No he has spiky hair, tip for the day of the wedding. And the hairline is as badly done, We so sorry but the truth is not favored.

What can we say about Parker?, we felt very well that Booth choses as a best man booth, I wouldn’t choose Dr. Sweets, then the wedding would not have been the same. As we saw the reception unfolded we could see in speeches, merely certainly congratulate the bride and groom and play with Christine. From levite that he wears for wedding just watch a bit on TV, Anna said he looked like a jacket of his father, and it was too big, in photos looks better, was a Levite. For me, and it's a very personal opinion, the kid who's a big boy deserved punishment, wear the tuxedo before even breakfast!! Maybe too much attentions and love due to little time that they are together, I have no doubt. You cannot throw on Spicy eggs grandfather, bad, very bad, very very bad.


We agreed to continue calling the three because after all Bones is an American series. But what was clear from the beginning was that the performance of Angela the wedding day, far exceeded the duties of a maid of honor, we agreed that the most appropriate word to describe it was the old Spanish word pronuba, meaning godmother wedding, but one very special godmother. Not only did the dress of the bride were on schedule, but he prepared the thalamus which is not only the marriage bed but also where the couple held the wedding and receive the congratulations. Whithout she and Max had not held the betrothal.

Good for her. Although for me it was more than cut off ceremony speech Avalon Harmonia, with mediums and witches never know what can happen, maybe angry could have put a curse on the couple, but that it will take care the god who created hopefully not because all the power of Boneshead will fall over and I wouldn’t like to be on your skin if that happens.

As for his appearance, discuss, to me the dress she wore, Monique Lhuillier lace, navy, although black was camera, did not seem the most appropriate for a wedding, of course as said Anna and Encarna, with both Late work will not have time to choose another more attractive, however was very beautiful, to Anna the combination dark dress white shoes like much.

Max's old man, but charming, yes, and the picture that walked beside the bride much more noticeable, bent, shoulders drawn forward; contrasted its setting with the majesty of Bones, but it could not be otherwise, whole life running from their criminal accomplices and justice implies a price. Well he should pay the wedding, bad he didn’t say from the beginning to Booth, knowing that his son-in-law is an honest man and an efficient FBI agent that the money came from a lucky night in Las Vegas, bad too that Max complains that Booth don’t trusted him. How could he do with his background?

In terms of appearance, well it was noticed that Bones was too busy with his things and chose not tie. Black was not the best option, it seemed an undertaker perhaps the tie should have been a pale pink.


The very proper boffins their dress, if they work at the Jeffersonian and Brennan invite and late style, they should facilitate the outfit. Dr. Hodgins will have a great time dressing them in costumes exposing the evolution of fashion and is very supportive and also dressed like them, but might well have had prepared his suit, he himself was invited, but as Anna and Encarna say Hodgins is not normal, it's our guy bugs and adorable “king of the lab" so suit can’t be a formal.

An image a bit special and not just like to us Sweets & Daisy together at the ceremony, I know, I know, they sat in different row, but the camera captured them together.

The one we loved was Caroline Julian, what a great lady, is a pity that there isn’t a picture of her for to illustrate the comment (I found it, I found). She didn’t lack handkerchiefs, as Cam, as one southern embroidered good enough you have to see that it was carrying delicacy eyes excited, first one & then another. And her amazing white picture hat, (I want one)  which was divine and totally appropriate.

Cam, we love the character and how he always wears so sophisticated and elegant,  me than to go to work the dealer luxury car I dress clothes C & A I'm impressed that it to open dead view the latest fashion and clothing design. To Anna also seemed appropriate black suit. The design was beautiful and clung to her body like a second skin ... but had to be black? we believe that the same dress in blue Klein have been spectacular. 

Unless what ... and this is my personal appreciation , at one point , the camera captures, when the celebrant said that as of Bones, If someone has to say something I would save for him, seemed about to speak. Yeah, I've never seen the pictures over and over again and Dr. Camille Saroyan, maybe have the annoying reason Dr. Wells is not going to marry Arastoo (Anna's opinion is that they will are married or at least living together). A Cam our belowed & appreciated Cam hurt a little, maybe only a few seconds, unless the bride at the ceremony, maybe that is the explanation of why she choose the black dress of Karen Millen and he missing handkerchiefs. (Anna does not agree at all)

Aldo, the new addition to the Bones family. They could not have chosen a more appropriate, the angel who will safeguard your relationship, generous man who envies them because he knows the difference between what they have and what he lacks.  Anna that is a fan of him, literally drooled, how well you did, did you heard when the impediments? Great. Nothing that anyone with something to say speak now or forever. Quite the contrary, what he said was from , if after nine years Hart Hanson rises and says you cannot celebrate the wedding because Brennan and married in Tibet with Chinese army soldier, seven million of bonesheads commit suicide (but kill it before ). Good for Aldo that not gave to him the opportunity and still alive.

How great was the formula of marriage, nor husband and wife, nor remind the marital duties to Bones and Booth simply said "Man and Woman", which I raised myself to some doubt on the legal validity of the act. Not that I doubt the powers that had been granted internet is that man and woman, we know, and were ... but Anna told me that she and her husband did something similar in the council, and is fully legal

Anyway, is that I still have many things in the pipeline, but for now that's enough gossip, you will surely have noticed more details. Come on, encourage, let's gossip a bit this week and we still have time lasts wedding rice, and then ... then that is what God wants .

No estaba ausente, sólo que no le gustan las bodas

And the latest discovery. Fox The official video about the wedding 

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