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By Anna Rosa and Marien

Well, My dear Boneheads the Bonesmurder already been perpetrated, what eventually happens with Bones is in the air, but this is not the time or place to discuss it, just that no matter what happens I'm still addicted to Bones and I will continue to the end, a matter of stubbornness and pride, and that at this stage of the game and no matter the reasons, it is interesting to witness the end of all, well all Bonehead hope will be with a Season 10.

Let's talk about the episode The Fury in the Jury, is a "tribute" to "Twelve Angry Men" by Reginald Rose script for CBS, which led the Sidney Lumet film in 1957 and starred Henry Fonda masterfully. It is also to blame or exonerate a man, in this case Peter Kidman, accused of killing his wife with only circumstantial evidence. The need for Dr. Brennan, number three member jury that the decision is consistent with the evidence presented by the prosecution, leads the jury, after a close deliberation in which the doctor calls the shots, to exonerate. A court decision faultless.

But we all know that judicial decisions are not exempt from blameless injustice. That the decisions of judges and juries have nothing to do with that blind woman with a balance in hand called Justice, nor the United States nor Spain.

The case is not very original, famous footballer who kills his wife because she will leave him, of course OJ Simpson is cited. A man believed to be beyond good and evil, which publicly threatened to kill her if she ever left him, but who has not ever said that? , He defends his lawyer. "I not" say Brenann giving the hint responds to the question. No, and we neither. 

The player is guilty, no doubt. What more proof to look his sarcastic & evil smile during the trial. It's written on his face: THE KILLED BECAUSE IT WAS MINE. Angela and Booth have read, Booth hates he "with all his soul", but not only for the murder, but because "football (soccer) "is un-American", I'm sorry but I disagree with booth, of course not American sport, is an Europeanbut anti-American? Why? Daisy, Cam and Hodgins, scientists have reading problems, but the doctor in the eyes of his beloved wife immediately change your mind, "guilty "is actually wise doctor.

And of course all the jurors had read, were convinced of his guilt, does everyone not to tell Brennan what his face did not care; Jury in its decision should only follow the evidence, gun crime has gone Kidman and hir friend was going to testifyfor the prosecution does not appear. Reasonable doubt is imposed, could have been another murderer, and if applicable absolve. And that's what they do, Brennan, stubborn, convinced the other members, and Kidman is found not guilty.

While the jury is deliberating, thinking about their series, in their businesses, in their children, death, and Brennan on proven true, the Jeffersonian, a mangled corpse appears, no one knows who, who apparently sounded warning was a fisherman who was moving drugs. Booth and Sweets interrogate him, Sweets accused of killing his partner with a baseball bat found bloodstained, of course he has not killed anyone, only a few fish for that was the bat.

Before Team Jeffersonian achiever identify who you know, I've said before, once without a precedent, situations are to come in the episode. The body turns out to be that of Christopher Barnes, the missing witness, a former colleague of Peter who lived in the couple's home since he had an accident that left him bloodied. Booth tells Brennan that Kidman is the murderer of Barnes and her wound to her pride, first accept without evidence together find to evidence.

Do you Remember the episode The Girl in Suite 2103 of the second season? in which a newcomer Cam to the Jeffersonian interprets the evidence differently to blame someone for a crime and Brennan gets angry? I am sure that you remember, the writers of today's episode Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver, no, not working at that time in Bones, Jonathan Collier, his boss, either.

The most hard of episode? to see Sweets questioning Kidman's sister, when they find evidence that had a date with the victim the night he was killed. Booth simple witness, Dr. finishing the phrases. hard. And not because pressure the woman accusing her of being the killer. She would have killed that Barnes was going to testify against his brother. Therefore it was not able and called, Kidman was killed, Woman collapses, doesn't confess, but she cries and Booth stops her.

At the end they catch out. The alibi Kidman was based on the night of the murder had not left his house, and put witnesses told reporters that already surrounded their cameras, of course there is Angela that pirates and Brennan that scans images up to remove it. The bodyguard of the player is the last person to enter the day of the murder of Barnes in the house and seven minutes back out, but ... it's not the same, their gait is different. It Kidman, had the opportunity to kill him, but also, Dr. Hodgins has discovered beside the body a semiprecious stone, which lacks a clasp that night wearing his coat bodyguard. Guilty.

Angela despite their hard work has taken the time to further investigate the theft of the identity of Cam, the poor thing is in the hands of an accountantwho would manage the salary, it is delivered in cash and a white envelope. Angela discovers a pattern in costs , buy many shoes, so it follows that it is a woman. at least, looking at the security cameras in the store where shopping makes a find her, turns out to be the roommate at the University of CamCase solved. By the way, they could not have done in the same episode that identity theft was discovered ? Let him.

Regarding the relationship between Booth and Brennan to say, they are a married couple who lead a healthy married life, that they miss when they are separated and when they are happy together, no more than to see their smiles. That's what the fans wanted for the couple right? maybe some do not see the chemistry that generates daily two people in love is not as attractive as the unresolved sexual tension. I disagree, which winks and smiles are not enough for most if, besides don't worry, and be in charge of creating tensions and funny situations.

Because it's true, the relationship has changed, as in that of any couple that lives together, and there is tension, there is no urgency, they have each other every night in bed, just wait. The fans have closed the door of the bedroom is no bad thing in a marriage there are secrets that should not be shared with anyone. Let them enjoy, times will come, if you consent to Fox, where the unrest again infiltrate skeptical of her mind, that to him, it seems that love has eluded him through his fingers. For now still growing and hopefully for a long time.

The last scene was a clear example of the generosity of marital bliss, a small and silly argument, while Booth prepares a banana split on the Yin and Yan smiles curd.
"Ying and Yang" says Booth, Brennan, as always corrects "Stop saying that, it's wrong." "Oh, Yang think it is wrong," answered Booth with breeching, "but Ying thinks is right is not it, and we fit so well together," he says as he puts the icing on the cream. "Ying-Yang ... repeats malicious offering plate." Fit together," Brennan ends.

A gentle kiss and fade to black and the fans, if they want to participate in the dessert, they have no choice but to run their refrigerators.

Indeed, the gifs are not mine, I copied from twitter, credit corresponds to jigsmave, thank you.

PS: Sorry guys it took so long to write English version the article but my mother is very ill and I have been very busy. Boneshead, friends & all cast & crew of BONES we love much (Anna Rosa)