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A Decade with Bones. "Four arms, four legs, two heads and five songs ..."


Translated by Anna Rosa Cuenca.

Hart Hanson has explained: he had wanted to Booth and Brennan "they did" in the fifth season; however, Fox and some of the writers were of different opinion fearful of the maxim that said:  "A story arises from the need to confront a character with a problem, if you solve it, you run out of history." "And they didn’t." But what he could not avoid was that "they did" in the sixth season on pain of cause a stampede of the hearing.

The "how" was the problem and  "how to" avoid once the sexual tension resolved the dramatic tension was maintained with enough force to get a hearing over six million viewers. With these assumptions and doubts the sixth season was prepared. Booth and Brennan finally "Did it".

Who finally resolved the “HOW” was Emily Deschanel who in the midseason when, an early morning she whisper in the ear of Hanson that she was pregnant. Hanson doesn’t say it but it sure screamed EUREKA !! and It was the solution to their problems. Replace the sexual tension for the tesion that produced a couple of disparate opinions and beliefs in raising a child. Not all was agreed once again, but Hanson was firm, his instincts didn’t fail once again and still now he considers to Henry Hornsby Emily Deschanel's son was a great gift for Bones. (all Boneshead thinking the same, say Anna).

The appearance of Hannah Burley, the woman who Booth fell in love in Afghanistan, provoked the anger of many boneheads tired of waiting and loyal followers of the theory of "soul mates" of Platon (Platon? Not a dish too big? asked kidding, Booth), they considered a betrayal, left the show and even closed blogs, forgetting that in a show, as in life, is more interesting the journey than the result, although we don’t like and sometimes hurts.

Fanaticism apart, dramatically in the logic of the history, the appearance of Hannah was necessary. For love become flesh in Bones had to complete the evolution of Temperance Brennan. her transformation into a complete woman with feelings and emotions. No lacked them, but to rationalize, she annulled. To not to suffer, she didn’t feel.

The feeling more powerful and more dangerous for her was the love that she felt for Booth. Recognize, accept supossed to abandon the pragmatism that had kept her afloat after the disappearance of their parents. It wasn’t an easy task. So in the story of Booth and Brennan, Hannah was a necessary step. Hes appearance put the rational world of the doctor upside down.


Booth said that to men as the cats had to be given seven chances. Brennan didn’t give to him any. Fear, that enemy of life that is embedded in the bones sonce she was a child, prevented her grow. She, so smart, should have known it, have realized that the growth of humans occurs with difficult decisions, which bring big changes. Evolution is slow, yes, but necessary ...

Fearing be swayed by the feelings she refused a good man, selfishly took off and spent seven months, seven, without knowing him; although that yes dreaming occasionally that they were together, "it was nice", but because it was fantasy. Proud,  apparently, she boasted to her friend when she returned  saying "Being the only one who will live as planned." Alone.

Booth, even though the writers occasionally turn it into the "drone" of the hive,  he isn’t a vain and floating man, he had a right to happiness, to be loved as he needed. That he soffer a "heart attack" in the midst of war  to her with her rejection, he had sent, so was nothing unusual. War and love change the world, one place, one determined woman, one shot and a fig tree are a good glue for a broken heart.

Although after recomposed still believe that there is always a person that you love more than anyone, a person for would be given your life no matter the future. The song could not be other than EVERDAY BY TOBY LIGHTMAN, brings hope: 

But I'll see better when the smoke clears. When the smoke clears inside my head. Everyday is a battle between what I wanna know. And what I don't wanna figure out. And everything in between in these thoughts of mine That you know I can't live with out.


It's true, I never saw Booth so cheerful as when loved Hannah. Locked in a corner of his heart his love for Brennan, hard, demanding, difícily and he loves Hannah with all his strength; with the joy he surrendered to this love and was loyal because  Love who really want to love and Booth wants to love and he wants to be loved  and worthy of being loved.

And Brennan, Brennan despite his genius was blind. Only when that she lost him, when  she saw to him so happy in the arms of Hannah, a hard and intelligent woman, a woman worthy of admiration, was able to recognize the magnitude of what she had lost, because as said Schopenhauer "Maybe what we have can not make ourselves happy, but what we lack certainly makes us unhappy."

The Doctor in the Photo is a metaphor, only in the mind ravaged Brennan is establish the  comparison with the Dr. Eames, a single woman, dust in the wind that no one remembers because she didn’t came forward because she feel sought where no feelings.

She had to tell the universe, the voices of the Jeffersonian to understand that she wasn’t Lauren Eames, but she could become so. Her tears, painful for everyone, included Booth, meant that she had understood, she, finally assumed the risk of falling in love even if it meant falling into the icy water. A big step in her evolution. The future from that moment was her.

The song could not be other than wonderful WHEN I FALL BY LIZZ WRIGHT.

“I want to be wild and bold enough to run with you, my baby. I want to skip time lay the hours aside and stay with you, my baby. I want to be still and quietly say, I'll lay with you my baby. I wish I were brave and sure today to pray that it's you my baby. But oh if I look down now, tell me will I fall. And what if the water's cold, when I fall.”


"I want to get to your age and be like you," the devil said. And Booth, the Booth's heart understand that the universe was speaking through his mouth as it once did with Brennan. "You know what? He'll ask Hannah's hand. Till death do us part, I buy the ring tomorrow, "replied drunk and fell off the bench. (I think that all Boneshead hated this moment and a little to Booth too, say Anna)

And although he had poisoned the liver he did, he told fearful and insecure "I love you ... and that is when I met you sincerely doubted whether I could return to love once ... you ... Marry me, I want that you be my wife"  (at the bottom of his heart he knew it was a big mistake)

And after anxious waiting came despair. Within himself he knew, he knew it, Hannah was right. The request was a direct attack on their relationship. Something predictable from the confession of love form Brennan.  Why didn’t accept Booth delete the question after the "I love you ... but I don’t like marriage," said Hannah, after, What now?, just he said, How much you need? Time to get out of your life and your home. (All the BoneShead breath more quite, another oprtunity for B&B)

Then he was so enraged that only he gaves to Brennan the opportunity of to have a drink at your side, his pride was hurt. And it was difficult to accept that to love Brennan will be the most difficult thing that he do in his life.

Of course, she took one and tow cup with he. She chose the right option.

The song. A wonderful BUCKETS OF RAIN by Bob Dylan, but sung by BETH ORTON

Buckets of rain, Buckets of tears.  Got all them buckets comin' out of my ears. Buckets of moonbeams in my hand,”. Say Booth, pissed.

I've seen pretty people disappear like smoke. Friends will arrive, friends will disappear, If you want me, honey baby, I'll be here”, replied Brennan


No song for that magical moment when two lovers first timers fall defeated at last in the arms of love; no music to enlighten  those moments of tenderness and shame, nor appease a craving and passion contained so long. No music, no words, no cameras. Only silence and more silence. Not need them. We know what happened, we know that not was only sex. 

Long time before Booth told to us, Booth told to Brenann "When occasionally, two people come together and jump the spark, and yes, Bones, he's handsome, she beautiful and yes, maybe that's all they see at first, but making love, making love two people then merge into one. Is a miracle”. And Brennan remained silent

The song corresponds to the threat to attack the universe he used to perform the miracle. KEEP THE STREETS EMPTY FOR ME BY FEVER RAY

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls. We were hungry before we were born


I'm, I'm ... pregnant ... You're the father.

The phrase that has allowed us to reach the tenth season. The gift of Emily Deschanel to Bones.

The song unforgettable. MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE BY ADELE. Although it sounds during labor of Angela and is essentially dedicated to a lover. These are the words of a generous woman, a woman who gives his love without asking anything in return. The love she feels for Booth, the one she will feel for her daughter.

From the curse of "Moonlight" has been fulfilled, the story of how they fell in love Booth and Brennan should end here. Bones would have ended in the Sixth Season, they loved and also going to have a son. But ... the universe speaks in many ways and with different voices.

And although many have already abandoned the series, still remain, we remain faithful necessary for Fox to earn enough money that allows us to continue to enjoy them, seeing them become a family  ("The Prisoner in the Pipe") watching how their love is put tested again and again, sometimes even mistakenly ("The Secret in the Siege), and through blonde Barbies, serial murderers, wars and conspiracies their Love remains. Because we are, without a doubt, the boneheads, the wood that keeps them afloat, which propitiated "AT LAST" from the  epp. "The Woman in White".


If the creator of this amazing article I may, I would like to add another song that also had a place in the episode so long awaited and much desired by ALL Boneshead:
From This Moment by Shania Twain but sung for me Anna Rosa.