martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Bones. Five Songs for a Love Story I

Translated by Anna Rosa Cuenca.


— "We were fiddling like a honeymoon," said Brennan.
 "Groping"corrected Booth.

Fingering, groping, doesn’t matter, really, they had been doing this since we met in the area of prevention of Washington airport. Six years of groping and playing in vain, this time needed to publicly recognize the the Booth’s heart and Brennan's brain knew from the beginning. Six years in which as the Wise Caroline Julian said see them together is how attending a spring dance.

if you now look in retrospect, finished  nxieties and sexual tensions, don’t seem so excessive considering the past of both that had marked so harshly to them, it was actually the time that they needed for to close wounds and believe in the future & Love again.

At the origin of Bones was not planned to do that kept loyal to the audience, was the love story of forensic anthropologist "rational and pragmatic" and FBI special agent, a man certainly confusing, instinctive and intuitive; but there is a place, a corner of what is called "art" in that when face to face placed a beautiful woman and a handsome man so great desire that eventually emerge inevitably generates emotions.

Now, the Love between Booth and Brennan is rooted not only in their hearts, that muscle that crushes minor setback, but in your blood and your bones, so so deep, that neither the bosses the Fox appoint, barbies blondes, conspiracies,  wars,  and of course serial murderers who have persecuted them finish with him.

We have counted in one hundred ninety episodes, they really would not have needed so many, in ten whole story is summarized, but so we have enjoyed a lot more.

These are the songs that lit up, either because the elected Hart Hanson, either because Kevin Edelman, the musical supervisor Bones, helped him. 


   Hart Hanson has said he went to five or six episode first season when they realized that the couple could end up together. But it was not until Two Bodies in the Lab (written by Stephen Nathan) when the attraction became apparent when, for the first time, in the presence of a potential rival, Booth appeared jealous, when I first showed that even a man confused, had hot blood in the veins.

While was in her house to protect her could not avoid tell her, "I am warm blooded" and was even more explicit: "Tell me, are you hot girl ?, to me You seem that way. Now up to you, Can we have a secret rendezvous?-He asked Foreigner by mouth.

"Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three. Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded. Hot blooded, every night .Hot blooded, you're looking so tight. Hot blooded, now you're driving me wild. Hot blooded, I'm so hot for you, child" -He insisted

The song choice could not be other: HOT BLOODED from FOREIGNER.

But there isn’t in the plans of God (not yet) that she accepted the date, on the contrary, she went with another guy, and although the house exploded, it was not because of the burning desire. However at the end, secretly for herself and for all, Brennan replied, in her way, because the infection had set in she. And although the producers didn’t want to overheat the pitch, forbade touching them, the magnetism of the poles are pushed towards each other. Watching them, then there was no doubt that one day they would have their secret date.


Years passed, the murderers, the phalanges dancers, the scores and groping ... there was even a kiss of brothers said Brenann  kiss of French Booth said, (awesome in the opinion of all bonesheads araund the world) turned out that sank all the fleet Pacific. A little lie that deceived them alone. The bonesheads were having fun a lot.


"I come home in the morning light. My mother says when you gonna live your life right. Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones. And girls they want to have fun. Oh girls just want to have fun"

"The phone rings in the middle of the night. My father yells what you gonna do with your life. Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one. But girls they want to have fun. Oh girls just want to have"

Didn’t seem the most appropriate for Dr. Brennan, she, rational and empirical want not to have fun, really even know she could do it. She abandoned in distress no one, except Booth, that dared to ask "When are you going to live you life properly?"

And although she never replied, an evening she gives in, she wanted to have fun and she sang too!!! WOW; but unfortunately  the Gods wasn’t willing that the smile  kept long time in her face, her growth needed another push of doom, this one disguised  as Pat “the Fat”  cut it off with one shot. Booth fell saving her life. And in the loneliness that was coming, she just prayed more and more hopeless:

"Come on, Booth, Come on! Come on!

And as he was going, she was disappearing.


Sometimes it happens: the fiction is more real than life itself.

The End in the Beginning, and his alternate reality, are a gift, a beautiful gift (because everyone serves someone) form the creator of the series for the fans of Bones.

But for Booth and Brennan too. Because people think (them too), you only live once and despair; but that, as in so many other things are wrong. You can to live so many lives as you dream with open eyes, typing on a computer or with closed eyes and brain dazed by drugs. Everybody we lie to others and especially ourselves. Booth and Brennan aren’t different, they had hidden secrets, from him to her, hers to herself.

"You love someone and you are exposed to suffering, that's the sad reality. Maybe your heart broken, maybe you will break your heart and never be able to look at yourself the same way, the risks are. "

In the reality of The End in the Beginning assumed risks. Hart Hanson disguised Dr. Feelgood, was placed in a corner with his 65 Chevy, sold them a dose of feel-good relieving them of their fears, their hopelessness. "You see two people and you think, are to each other and nothing happens."

And in the trip the secret became possible. In the mirror with which they cut the dose they could see that "Although the idea of ​​losing control over personal happiness is unbearable, it's just a burden. Like the wings, we feel the weight on our backs, but they are a burden that lifts us, that cargo allows us to fly."

And besides without fear of the police, why was the owner of the corner, he did something unusual. He, who was during four years cooling the pitch, allowed that the storm that they  carried inside untie. By then, with a lot of tentative the pressure drowned them, their blood accumulated, too much adrenaline,that about to collapse your adrenal glands. They did, so if only in a wet dream in which he said hoarsely, "I like that you do that ..."

And the hope is that when you feel unable to to beat reason, a dose of happiness is enough at least for forty-two minutes for keeping on the path.



But all "traveling" awakening. his cruel awakening. And Booth, after Brennan flee and self-doubt, fanned by the apprenticed to devil Dr. Sweets, booth fooled. "Look at your scanner", said cunningly the favorite of the Gods, jealous of their happiness. "You don’t love her," he insisted. "Love is chemistry. Look at the Christmas lights were turned off in your brain. "

And Booth insecure, not in vain had just put his brain in a shredder, he turned to the old friend for advice, "If you say you love her and then change your opinion, you kill her", prophesied "jealous".

Booth at the bottom of his heart he knew that wasn’t true, and ought to have followed his instinct, but left coward dupe: "Sometimes it's better to stick with the second option." Never been be swayed by fear. Although not leave him to despair, Avalon, had compassion on his unhappiness, and assured him that everything would end well. It wasn’t the time nor place.

Fear, damm fear, kept him from guided by the light of his heart, fear, damn scared defeated him.

The song could not be other than: FEARLESS from CYNDI LAUPER.


- We're going to have to say this very carefully to Sweets says Booth.
- If there is an error in one of my books I would want to know. 'It says "They worked together for the first time solving the murder of Cleo Geller fellows of Congressional "
- Ah, yes! -recognizes Booth it’sTrue,but  we had a case before.
- What did you think I was talking about?
- All the theme of love.
- Ah! That you are in love? That I don’t care.

Is always a risk to start a story in half, in media res, which is said in the jargon, and yet in Bones went well. When we met we knew they had a past together that was not very happy. What we didn’t know was how deep the damage had sunk.

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole is like The End in the Beginning, a gift. There was to celebrate the 100th episode of Bones show ( not all shows can make it) and as Fox did not budge and there was no way of letting them enjoy their love, Hart Hanson thought and said "Umm. How do I please the audience, as I entertain these two?" The solution was in the beginning. And we made it back to the past for to find out why despite the ardent saliva and lustful tongues, the romance didn’t work.  

Although his player instinct warned him that he could have a different ending, that this beautiful woman with a heart locked in the trunk of oblivion, could be that it was written that you straighten the course, it was not able to catch her. Because it turned out that she apparently had no heart and no whiskey drunk resigned her arrogance. he lost her, and he soaked in the rain was thinking what could have been but wasn’t.

The song that gave them the opportunity could not have been better chosen: Mmm from LAURA IZIBOR.

"You make everything alright just by being around. You're my light in the dark. Guiding, guiding me home"

They just had to listen to, look at each other and say yes. Instead she slapped him. "You haven’t brain," she said. "Nor you heart," he replied, and the two were alone and no future.

But Booth is a player and despite the signs, the Fox and the curse Moonlight bet again, wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He was her man. I knew it. But she again  coward  resigned "I'm not like you," she replied.

And finally, desperate and dissatisfied departed in different ways. When they are back to meet the things aren’t equal between them