miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Bones. Review "El Carnicero en el Coche"

By Marien (@lobavieja) & Translate & something more by Anna (@Farrerosa)

Someone tells me, before you see the episode of Bones this week: El Carnicero en el Coche (in Spanish in the original), I would write what I write, I had asked if he was crazy. And seems great, Yes, great that Jonathan Collier and Dean Lopata, the two writers who signed the script, I have caught writing this marvelous episode. It is one of the bonus, was shot straight after the issuance of the eighth season, and except for the references to Pelant, is completely outside what have been the first two of the ninth, focusing on the relationship of Booth and Brennan but no matter, nor misses her and that is very good for the show too, is like a breath of fresh air ..

The truth is that when I was expecting another "charming murder", these two, especially Collier, head of the writers of Bones, responsible for the last two episodes that had as protagonist Pelant and especially the last of the eighth season, coming and say, "Here we are, look at that we are capable of doing." And that is when they want to do very well, then, that seemed by the intensity, candence and excitement of one of the exceptional third, fourth and fifth season. And the question is why not always do as well?

If someone tells me, before you see the episode of Bones, an episode centered on the person of Dr. Sweets was going to like, I ask if you are kidding. The enthronement of the doctor in the eighth season, to the detriment of the character of Booth, contributed as much or more than the disjointed script many of the episodes, it was the eighth undoubtedly looser season of Bones but but even so was good. Too much Sweets between Booth and Brennan.

And so it began. The first thing I met Sweets in the third season episode entitled "The Secret in the Soil" was his voice saying "Get together a little more , more ... " and then the camera went into the office and focused on Booth and Brennan, standing , facing each other, palms of the hands together. When Booth protesting how stupid the game, the camera showed us for the first time the doctor's face, just under the arms of the couple, in between their bodies.

In that episode, and in which, and as a recurring character intervened in the third and fourth season, his role was small, focused first couple's therapy, his pint of overgrown child, his eyes sad and his mouth of pinion teasing made ​​Booth and Brennan look more cruel. "Kid", they called it. It began to be a nuisance from the fifth, when his presence in the interrogation room "My room" as called Booth in this episode, it was continuous, then became agent gave him the gun, investigated crimes for your account and finally, the height of perversion, the producers decided that must live with the couple, the idea was good and gave a lot of play but only for a few episodes

In El Carnicero en el Coche, doesn’t happen. His speech is as a doctor, a psychologist, and although it may seem a little forced, Booth, with a concern for older brother go to see him at the beginning of the episode to find out how well since leaving the FBI, and then returns once more, for help with investigating the case, precisely, is developed in the slum community center in which you are working, proves to be a crucial intervention, not so much in research and in understanding the reasons for the murder, for the previously established relationship with "murderer" and its people

Because that is investigated in "El Carnicero en el coche” is precisely the death of a butcher, Jaime del Campo , a member of the band "Los Estrellas Locos" that is dedicated to murder and dismember the bodies on behalf of the band. At first it seems very simple, it is a settling of accounts between bands, then things get complicated , the murdered lived with a woman, Maria, also a member of Estrellas Locos, a woman hired to guard the weapons of the band, one woman who doesn’t want to cooperate with Booth and Sweets because Los Estrellas Locos her life , her family and for them is their loyalty. That even though his face is traces of "love" the butcher .

The atmosphere becomes tense, gunshots, blood, more than in other episodes. There promises to tell if one has been shot Booth to Brennan. And nasty things as the head of an undercover cop, previously killed by "the butcher" Cam peels as if it were a banana. Of course there is laughter, Dr. Hodgins "the King of the Lab" episode is passed through hanging in a harness, which will certainly increase at the expense of his progeny, he says, for now ruddy is seen in some scenes. Until Brennan discovery leads to resolution of the case. The dead man fired a single bullet and bottom-up (very original and well written). 

She, Mary, is the culprit, they say all that is so influenced only by their loyalty to Estrellas Locos that Booth will be unable to bend it, not get him to confess. Sweets asks him to interrogate allow Javier, the son of the prisoner in front of her, perhaps the child has seen something, say something that might force her to confess. And then it happens the saddest and beautiful episode. No murderer, just a boy who defends his mother and fighting for his life. And the most terrible thing that his mother, fanatical, son denies the love for the band.

In the end, the boy, with a phone call to Angela gets triangular, delivers the weapons arsenal of Los Estrellas Locos and Caroline, the great and lovely Caroline Belcher (three episodes already this season and will participate in the next), choose not to charge him for the death of the Butcher, will have an opportunity to grow and develop in an environment away from the domain of the band, Sweets ensure it. The doctor returns to work at the community center, though, before leaving Booth promises to return if needed. next week all "KNOW" that it will need

We were pleasantly surprised with a very good episode, as I said, has given breath of fresh air and new to the show and hearings Monday so confirm it, so guys keep going on the right way.

P.P. Always made from the deep love & respect that both have for this show
& for all cast & crew