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It was written in the book of fate than death of the murderer and informatic genius Crhistopher Pelant hands of Booth happen on October 7, 2013. It was written and so it happened.

Sorry, maybe it was not in the book of fate, Maybe what happened was that the executive producers of Bones Pelant have ended, when, how and where they wanted. As the plot raised The Sense in the Sacrifice could have resulted another episode of the Jeffersonian team, after discovering how committed the murder, they are unable to stop it.

Because following a plan of Dr.Sweets, OMG!! Sweets, The team prepares and skinning a corpse to expose as Pelant usually done with murdering, they claim to make you believe that you have a competitor and that enraged out of hiding. Everyone agrees except Booth, the only one who knows anything about murderers, life and has a sixth sense unique.

The charge of placing before it the body,a cadaver donated to the Jeffersonian for its former owner for scientific experimentation, is the agent Flynn, who was seriously injuredin the episode The Corpse on the Canopy, and burns with desire of revenge against Pelant, as a result of the wounds, he's reduced to working at a desk. Angela is responsible for the set,a picture of Prometheus Bound, who stole fire from the gods and is sentenced to an eagle live every day starting liver. And the plan fails (Booth was right), when they reach thescene of the alleged crimerealize that Pelant already been there, and Brennan also discover that the body is not what they have prepared. Booth understands with great disgust is Flynn.

But it was written that the death of Officer Flynn was not in vain. That the agent Flynn, the scapegoat, the innocent maligned, the accomplice of Pelant considered by all in some moments except for Booth, swallows part of one of his teeth for Dr.Hodgins find the hi deout of Pelant. And Booth can go kill him. Great sacrifice to the good agent. Great man Booth that knows and trust in the integrity of his people.

In between we have tried to distract, Pelant is in love with Dr. Brennan. The idea is to Sweets he thinks that what he had written about the couple had been Pelant to the belief that Brennan could love him. That would change your mind about him as changed regarding Booth and at the end accepting as a couple.¿¿¿??? really Sweets have a doctorate in clinical psychology? No response.

The love offering Pelant to Dr. Brennan was the new serial killer series. What can we do.Neither Brennann or the FBI, nor all state policen or all county sheriffs or USA metropolitan police have realized that there is a serial killing women. Maybe because the deaths are indifferent states, with different kinds of victims, different methods of murder, with a long time between a murder and the following etc, the fact is that no one has related not have noticed except Pelant. Brennan despite its rationality wisely has not accepted.

But we will face it when the book of fate (also known as Hart Hanson or Stephen Nathan) directs, if God does not intervene.

Just a few questions regarding the episode for some, those who knew nothing of the planned wedding in episode six will have been full of tension .

- Why after so quietly as they had maintained in the laboratory in the preparation of the body trap for Pelant nobody cares about to track the car of poor agent Flynn looking forhiddenmicrophones?

- Why Dr. Brennan has to walk and others asking about the reactions and thoughts of Booth?, After eight years? Fighting and working together doesn’t know yet?

- How is that Pelant, who controls everything, and know where Dr. Brennan walked into his lair did not notice the arrival of Booth at the area where they were ?

The answers in the book of fate.

The most important, Booth and Brennan. In The Sense in the Sacrifice we have learned that when you have multiple orgasms Brennan sleeps better and that Booth has no problem always willing to procure pleasant dreams. Too bad that sounded phones But above all that confident of Booth and accept their decisions as valid but doesn’t understand the reason for the same.

I especially loved a scene from the episode. That in which Booth, after Brennan said he believed was blaming Pelant Flynn and believed it because he believed, in a fit of passion grab Brenann and in front of all FBI kiss to her, but with passion, real kiss, not those tender kisses that lead couple 30, 40, 50 years together which is what usually occur, but a kiss of love, the kind that does not give anyone the song said. "To hell with the FBI," says Booth when Brennan reminds they had agreed not to demonstrate love in the FBI.

And the important, the really matters in this episode, what everyone expected. With Pelant died, Booth explained to Brenann the desire that I had to kill him and the reason. But it was not that what moved me, but his fear, insecurity in the response I would get when he asked "If I asked you to marry me, I would answer yes? To which Brenann always rational and "The Sense in the Sacrifice" more than ever, replied : "If you asked me to marry you I would answer yes." And the two have merged, now in a tender embrace, under the watchful, digital amd remote look of the other members of the team: Cam , Angela , Dr. Hodgins , Dr. Sweets and Caroline, that lack of audio aren’t very well aware of what was going on, only he went.

And I liked that it was so simple proposition, I loved the Booth fear of being rejected, it's good although they love much notare safe from each other some timesthere is a margin for the unexpected, will make your life more exciting and lasting and strong love.

After all, An episode for enjoy a lot, again & again. Do it.

For both a one of best Episode of all season of BONES
Special mention to the great work of Andrew Leeds(@ leedsandrew) as Pelant, Andrew you has been the best villain of BONES and the last years in the TV shows. 
With all ou rlove, respect&admiration for all cast&crew 

Marien & Anna Rosa
(@lobavieja) (@Farrerosa)