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By Anna Rosa and Marien

There was a time in the nineteenth century, in a hidden corner of America a strange woman, cerebral, lonely and sensitive than the last years of her life dressed in white. A woman looking within herself and looked "as if it were a strange and lonely Race". A wild woman who hid secret to the world their privacy: "Do not you know that when you're happiest is when I hold and grant-not know that 'No' is the wildest word we consign to Language?" she said who for years was her secret love.

Emily Dickinson, because she was the "Woman in White" always thought she was pure and virginal until they are published, and in this century, the letters she wrote to Otis P. Lord. That her secret was the motive of the episode The Woman in White has been one of the great successes of a script written by Karine Rosenthal, one of the writers who spent more seasons in the series, from the third to the seventh and her mind are created the best episodes of Bones with which we have delighted and enjoyed (her are for example: The Baby in the Bough of the S3, The Hero in the Hold of the S4 and The Plain in the Prodigy the S5).

Dr. Temperance Brennan "Bones" except to write poetry, could be "the woman in white”. Brain, sensible, rational and solitary as Emily. But Bones one day turned around and found face to face with a handsome and passionate man that pursued and persecuted, this man continued chasing immune to discouragement over the years through ghosts, serial killers, blondie barbies, and war. A man who knew so down the "wall". Emily Dickinson said hes “wall” was of God and cross it refused to let her friend although she claimed that she was all yours. "When the time will raise the Bars And I will put on the moss" she wrote. Bones took six years to let him down Booth, and for a time, in season eight, almost thought it was not worth it. But now, today, after seen the beautiful show that for an addict was unrepentant Bones The Woman in White you can say that yes, it was worth it. But just only today, tomorrow will have to return to the sincere and constructive criticism. For this season we've only been six wonderful episodes (the last for me the best of the all BONES) so follow until the last episode.

Did I say that? Did I say that The Woman in White is one of the best episodes of Bones, if not the best? Did I say that? I think if 

Did I say that I found a script almost perfect?  In each step, each sentence are interrelated. Did I say I had an incredible rate, in which nothing is left and anything I missed? (Actually if I missed someone, I'll mention at the end). The Woman in White stars when Booth, Brennan, Angela, Cam, Dr. Hodgins and Sweets go to church the wedding rehearsal, the priest is David Horsnby, the real- life husband of Emily Deschanel,  is a joke of the many that happen in the episode, as Max, the father of Brennan and Parker, Booth's son, represented in cardboard effigy another. That Brennan Booth kiss before the priest says another & when Brennan says sleep together and he is not jealous other, than during the trial start ringing phone one by one of all present and none dares to answer, another and at last is the priest who answers and pass the phone to Booth, the last and has very bad temper. A mummified corpse has appeared in a federal work. It's time to work, says Brennan.

And they do, and do more, the "doctors endearing" bet, $ 50, 25, to see who hits the sleep time of the wedding. They do not know that the wedding is not going to stop, even sink the world, burn the church or the godfather of cheese put the tuxedo lost, because there they are, Cam and Angela, the one in the lab, organizing work, calling Dr. Clark, to internal data hiding Brennan, the other honoring the friendship of the doctor and his appointment as Bridesmaid, take care, comforting, making clear his confused feelings. Because Brennan of The Woman in White, perhaps for " the nerves", has tried to be the old, rational scientist. Angela has not consented.

And among all discover that the victim was Nancy Handleman, a woman who worked in the seventies in the section of manuscripts from the Library of Congress. Along with his remains found a plastic bag where they could have kept some papers and what looks like a photocopy of the same. Angela is able to decipher what is written, is a letter "I see your hands and my body shudders at the memory. Your silk touch my bare skin against further drawing me ..." Booth believes that the librarian had an affair and the wife's lover could be the killer, but the old-fashioned Sweets recognizes expressions, no, it is a letter from the librarian.

They spend so much, there are so many characters you can forget something. Max bag, Father Brennan, Booth is when I get home, is another circumstance that contributes to anxiety groom. If when one is getting married and all are problems and obstacles, encounter a lot of bills with the earmarks of having been buried, they belong to your future father, who is willing to pay for the wedding with that money, you have to Booth nerves. Fear, and not without reason while being held, arrive to arrest Max swats. And then there's the return of Parker and the list of things not to forget that the guy should remind you it will be the godfather.

When everything seems to be on good way, the bride with manicure done, and removed the curlers and the godfather named, place of death and therefore identified the possible killer, when only need to find the reason and wait for the day, the god who created Bones, yeah, that's called Hart Hanson, decides point them with your finger. He is a god, he is used to do his will and do it. Aldo (though not like he is our Angel) and Booth get together in the church for one last tip, Aldo was right, would have been better to meet in the bar, but no, the meet in the church and in the church gather "What have you and Temperance is why we breathe," he says, "if the gaffes will be worse than any hell that God has dreamed for you", he adds. And then god sends Max appears and displays, and the three light a candle for Brennan's mother

Then at home, while celebrating a family reunion appears Sweets, brings the news, the church where the wedding was to be held is burning. As I said, things of the gods. It seems that close friends are going to win the bet. Wells, the impertinent internal smarty, has found that the letter was from Emily Dickinson and Sweets and Cam end up finding out that the culprit is a researcher of the work of the poet who refused to recognize, because he missed his entire theory ground, that's strange, cerebral Emily had succumbed to love the poetry of "white woman" was not a virgin attempt to feel something I had never felt. For did not publish the letter found by Nancy, throws down some stairs after stabbing a walking stick. It's old, has suffered a stroke and is paralyzed on a bed. Logically Nobody is going to stop.

Case Resolved and postponed wedding. And that's when the full force of the world, Angela takes the reins of the situation. "Never mind the details, as in the story of Emily, Poetry matter, and now the poem are Booth and You". The wedding, the wedding will take place on the scheduled day, there are no free churches not matter, the money from Max (won in Las Vegas) will pay for it, you only need to convince the couple worried about each other, confused both by each other's motives for church wedding. Booth just wanted that wedding because so Brennan and Brennan said the church wanted it because the only in the world that matters is to make Booth happy. "I did not ask," says Booth, "I would elephant tusks in the head and take a squirrel monkey at the ceremony if it was what you'd want" "I do not care, she responds, as long as you 're there, then do we?" "I do", answered Booth.

And they do.

And everything goes perfect wedding with such perfection that give imperfect things, speaks at the wrong bride, Avalon untimely speaks and sings, sings beautifully "At Last": "At last the spell is launched and you are mine at last". No, I cannot forget the votes, I found very beautiful, so enjoy watching the episode. The Booth sense making a short review of what has been their history, and I mentioned in the text, Brennan between rational and emotional "causes me so much happiness because every time I look at her, you already you're looking at?"And Aldo, the good angel and feminist declares them "Man and Woman". And then the groom, at the request of the bride, kisses. And the kisses and keeps kissing and all the world boneshead hypnotized with the heart to 1000 per hour for the entire wedding scene cannot (nor want either) looking away from the most anticipated and magical of BONES

Cyndi Lauper sings "At Last", listen and enjoy it is awesome.

PS I haven’t forgotten the great absentee Christine, the daughter of the couple, a potential Brennan with their own ideas that has refused to attend. Seems that don’t like the weddings like me, sure Angela had bought a dress cabbage and refused to dress. (As explained Hart Hanson to TVLine, the twins who interpret many people were frightened and bustle and no way to shot with them).

PS 2 I have not discussed the dresses of the guests and the maid of honor, but someone should have told Cam and Angela to go to a wedding does not wear black, although the two dresses are beautiful and they are very good. But that, surely, will comment on the Hello.

Finally, this episode has been perfect in all, an incredibly wonderful reward and perhaps also an apology or recognition of the "gods" to all of us the faithful boneshead & bonesheart of the world

Watch it and enjoy it .. again & again…